Monday, 25 October 2010

Digging Deep

I've just been over at Coco Rose Textiles and she has a lovely post for today. Its a blog I visit often and always feel warmed by.
She has posted a list of questions for us all to have a play with and as I'm suffering with a bit of bloggers block since my return I thought it would be a fun thing to do - I find it sometimes helps with inspiration and direction to do a bit of soul searching - so here goes :

What age were you when you were at your most happiest?

I think I probably am at my happiest
right now, I didnt really enjoy my teenage years, three of my grandparents died, two of my friends (one who committed suicide) and two acquaintances- both teenagers died suddenly all when I was between 13 and 16. I think it made me very nervous and edgy about life. I married at 20 and though it was a happy time it was also stressful, my husband had his own garage which meant he worked loads of hours and I hardly saw him, then when the two children came along within 2 years it increased my isolation for a while. My grandma was very ill and living with my mom so she had her hands full and with hubby out at work all the time I found it hard. This is starting to sound like an answer to When were you the unhappiest !!!!!!
Now, I'm approaching 40 - very quickly, have been married for almost twenty years, the children are happy and healthy, I think I have a much better focus on w
hats important in life - we downsized so that we have very little mortgage and finsihed the garage business so that we have a lot of time together as a family.This means hubby only works part time and because of my illness (not going to bore you with this one) I can stay at home - we home educate our 12 and 14 year old, have a gorgeous new doggy and two cuddly cats, our parents are still going strong and so I feel really blessed.

What is your most played song?
This is a really tough one as I go through phases - I love Michael Buble, The Black Eyed Peas, Elgar, Wham.................................
Think it may be the theme from an Officer and a Gentleman - love lift us up, or Theme from Armageddon by Aerosmith.

What is your most favourite food and least favourite food?

Most favourite food is Steak and Pepper sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes and least favourite - my dad used to love sheep brains - the smell of them cooking was disgusting - I used to rush up to my bedroom and put towels at the bottom of the door to stop any of the smell getting in - I never wanted to even attempt to eat them - oh they looked pretty disgusting as well !!
One regret?

That I didnt work harder on my French in school - I love France so much and their craft books and magazines are amazing - I would love to be able to read them properly. each year I'm getting a bit better - I did enrol at the local college for an adult learning class - I know I sound a bit ageist but I was the youngest there by a good twenty five years and after three weeks we had only learnt - Je suis retraite - which means I am retired !!!!!

Favourite tv programme or film?

I often say I dont watch much TV but then thinking of this answer I realised its probably much more than I thought. I love Masterchef (all versions), The Apprentice, Emmerdale, Mastermind, X factor, University Challenge, Strictly Come Dancing, Antiques Roadshow, Lie To Me and at the moment I'm loving Downton Abbey.

Ideal job?

I would love to be a buyer for a large store chain of all things Christmas - the thought of travelling the world looking for Christmas decorations would be amazing.

Favourite flower?

I love flowers that look happy - michelmas daisies, red geraniums, gerberas, daffodils, tulips - i think Chrysanths and some other flowers often look sad ( the men are here to take me back to the home and give me my medication now) My friends dont really get the happy / sad thing where flowers are concerned !!

I've really enjoyed doing this and it has certainly made me think - hope some of you do it too so i can be nosey.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Winter Cushions

I love looking through interior magazines and books and seeing sofas piled high with coordinating cushions looking fab . They get four or five different designs to just sit together so well - How do they do it?

I really want a warm cosy look for the winter and so I'm thinking reds and creams but what else ??? I have got the two following cushion designs but I am struggling to decide what to put with them !!

The embroidered cushions are on sale at B&Q for £3 each, though I did get them a couple of weeks ago so I'm not sure how many they have left - though they are still showing them on their website. The red velvet ones (also from B&Q) are NEW in and are £9.95 each though this weekend all cushions are buy one get one free !!

In my previous post when I was going to attempt some mushroom based crafts - I did but I am not happy with them at all so back to the drawing board !!

Maybe I'll just stick to shopping :)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Mushrooms and Toadstools

I have developed a bit of an addiction to mushrooms. Not to eat, just to look at. I think it started on our holidays back in September when we discovered these growing under a hedge.

They looked so beautiful, I was imagining little elves, pixies and fairies all dancing round.

I mentioned this to hubby who raised his eyes to the sky and said "yes dear" !!!

I've searched on google and found so many crafts using mushroom fabric, appliques, buttons and even crochet. I'm feeling really inspired so this afternoon I plan to make something - not quite sure what but I'm sure I'll figure it out.....

Looks like my 50 "on the go" projects may have to wait - again !!!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Jamie Oliver - 30 minute meals

I love cookery shows but hardly ever cook what has been demonstrated.

I'm really looking forward to Jamies new series tonight at 5.30 - 30 minute meals.

Apparently they are going to be really simple and he will be cooking them in more or less real time !!

Tonight is Piri Piri Chicken - I've never tried it before so it might be tea one night this week - I'm going to watch a few programmes before deciding whether to get the recipe book and wow the family.

Bet it still takes me about three hours !! Watch this space.............................................