Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope it will be a healthy and prosperous 2009 for everyone.

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Russian Doll Needle Case

I thought I would have a go at a needle case as all my needles just float around in the top of my sewing box.

I had an old girls dress from the charity shop that had Russian Dolls all round the base so thought I would try and use that.

I'm quite please with it to say it only took an hour - not present quality but I'm happy to see it in my sewing box.

Back to the crochet- I keep practicing.... I think it may be a while before I show you any of the results

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Chritmas Presents

I can't believe it is all over - but wanted to show you my favourite presents.

My lovely set of Cath goodies - I dont think I will ever use the dusters.

My beautiful Cath Kidston sewing box - which I actually bought a couple of weeks ago but it is my Christmas Present from my husband.

I love this set - I know its aimed at 8 year olds but I have tried several times to learn to crochet so hopefully this will work.

I had lots of other lovelies - a tripod for my camera, bath set, loads of boxes of biscuits, new jumper, purse, scarf, jewellery etc off the rest of the family.

My mom and dad had bought us a vintage dressing table so will have to take a photo and let you see it.

Hope you all had a really great Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Tree At Last !!

At last the tree is up and the lounge is finally feeling Christmassy.

Last year we had the gold theme in the lounge but I missed my red and gingham and the kids love it when we have the "toy" tree - so here it is.

I made the hearts and stockings a few years back and the others we have collected over the years. Tinkerbell came back with us from Disneyland Paris last year.

The fairy on top of the tree was on my very first Christmas tree - her bodice was originally silver and had distintegrated (a bit like me really) - so I used some gingham ribbon. I really need to do something with her dress - I might get round to it one of the nights when everything is done ! (like thats gonna happen).

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Past

I've been busy this week trying to organise presents etc and I'm hoping that one last push tomorrow should nearly or maybe even definately finish the prezzie buying.

I still havent got any decorations up and so feel really un Christmassy.

This morning I spent moving digital photos around into folders as we are getting the grannys and great aunt digital photo frames and I have been trying to select some photos to put on there for them.

It took nearly all morning as I kept stopping to call hubby and say ohhhhhhhhhhh look at this one etc etc.

Whilst searching through I found a few of Christmas past so thought I would share them uactually get round to putting this years up.

This was the dining room a couple of years ago - last year I had nine to dinner so it was a bit of a squash.

This is the dining room fireplace the same year, where the tree is now my built in computer hideaway so I don't think I will manage a tree in here this year.

Will have to try and make it festive somehow !!!

Any ideas ????

Hopefully tomorrow will be blogging about new coffee table makeover - watch this space !

Monday, 8 December 2008

Busy Weekend & Simple Abundance

Friday night was youth club (for Miss Ellie) and cricket training (for Master Jack)

My lovely husband doubles as the taxi service - so I should have had time for lots of crafting - but feeling sorry for myself with back pain I just about managed the ironing and then settled down to soapland with the biscuit tin.

Miss Ellie rushed back in with a lovely Christmas arrangement that she had made at youth club - it has taken pride of place in the centre of the dining table.

Saturday, everyone had their own plans - the boys were off fishing and Miss Ellie off shopping with her friends family - she has gone on an outward bound course today so they wanted to get their last essentials. Apparently this includes pink eyeliner, hair products and new leggings.
These outward bound courses sound more fun than when I went !

I took a quick trip into the village for more Christmas Cards and had to pop into our three charity shops - they were a little disappointing - just a couple of crafty books and a Spongebob bag for the little miss.

Isn't Saturday night TV great at the moment - I managed to feed everyone bolognaise in time to settle down for the start of Strictly - and I don't think I moved till the end of X factor results.

Sunday tends to be a quiet day as the man of the house has to go to work, so after packing Ellies case, supervising bath and hair washing, turning the bolognaise into lasagnas ( I have to do a veggie and a meat one as the little miss is vegetarian) there didn't seem to be much of the day left.

This morning there was a tearful goodbye (mine not hers) and a bit of a melancholy feel to the rest of it - I'm hoping tomorrow I will be more motivated.

Anyway, now to the reason of my post.

Over the last 6 years any time that I have felt low or down , I have turned to my survival pack of Simple Abundance.

I know that a few of you are aware of the book as I have spoken to you about it. It really is a Godsend - there is an entry for every day helping you focus on things that feed your spirit.

I have the book, CD, discovery journal, gratitude journal , other books by Sarah Ban Breathnach called Romancing The Ordinary and Something More .
Check out her website.

Here is an extract of the entry for December 8th

Tidings Of Comfort and Joy

This is the week that women's shoulders begin to droop as their list of holiday "should do's" become longer than Jacob Marley's chains.

There's card writing, card mailing, gift buying, gift wrapping, gift sending, tree buying, tree trimming, cookie baking, party giving, turkey roasting.

By next week, unless a Power greater than ourselves restores us to sanity, women will be dropping in their tracks. Not surprisingly, the Christmas holidays are the height of the Flu season.
..........................................................................................lots more thoughts and then the good bit :-

Wouldn't the real Christmas miracle be if we slowed down long enough to remember the reason for the season so that our holiday celebrations become authentic and meaningful?

So be of good cheer. Be not frazzled, frustrated, nor frantic, for I bring you tidings of comfort and joy.
If you do Christmas at your house, you can choose to do it your way. Whatever that way might be.
You CAN consciously decide to be happy, loving, fulfilled, generous, peaceful, contented, spiritual, joyous, calm, festive and emotionally connected to the important people in your life for the holidays this year.

Or you CAN unconsciously, choose to be a wreck.

Today REALISE that you can't do everything. Not all at once. Not in the next sixteen days. Not at all. Period !

Now, RECOGNISE that one of the reasons Christmas past has not lived up to expectations is because you've tried to do too much, too perfectly.

Look at the list.

Choose to let only what you love most about the holiday season remain. Cross out two more musts.

Now there's time for gazing out the window at gently falling snow or delighting in the sounds of bells and joyful music, savoring the sweet aroma of hot cider, roast turkey and gingerbread, sipping hot chocolate and homemade egg nog, reading a holiday story each night a dusk, basking in a fire crackling on the hearth and recreating cherished customs that care for your soul as well as those you love.

"I do hope your Christmas has ........that little touch of eternity in among the rush and pitter patter and all," mystic Evelyn Underhill recommends. "It always seems such a mixing of this world and the next - but that, after all, is the idea !"

Hope you like it and that it may help in some small way with the stress of the season.

See you soon


Please have a look, order them from the library - I cant tell you how many dark days they have got me through.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Charity Shop Trip

At last it was that time of the week - Charity Shop day !!

Its normally a Thursday but this week had to be postponed for a day because of yesterdays events.

It started well from the first shop - 2 Santa candle holders, some christmas berries (not shown), a couple of books and a lot of embroidered bits , including a crewel work cushion cover - total cost $2.25 - Its supposed to say pounds but for some reason the keyboard has decided its American !

Then a great little bachelors Hug mug that I think we will all fight over and a santa mug - thats a candle.

A couple of new books, magazine, Michael Buble CD.

A journal , ready to record some thoughts.

A beautiful bowl with roses on or should I say - yet another bowl with roses on.

And finally a trammed tapestry (only found out what one was today) by Beverley with all the wools for only 4 pound - the dollar sign is getting on my nerves now. I'm not sure whether to start it or sell it - I have so many unfinshed tapestries. This one is brand new - hasn't even been started.

A great kids top - 25p - that I might turn into something else or just use the buttons.

Total spend - 15 pound

I forgot to photo my vintage childrens names and horoscopes book - though I have checked the horoscopes for my two and they sound nothing like them - other than the Virgo can be very fussy !!!!

Well, better attack the ironing pile and maybe fit some crafting time in - after a nice bath !!!

Thanks for all your positive comments, I've learnt so much this week and met some lovely people.

I am hoping to get round to some Christmas Decorations this weekend - watch this space - but not too carefully !!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Not time to do much crafting today - I finshed this lavender heart from an old torn tablecloth last night, but today we have to go to a funeral of my moms cousin.

She was 89 and a formidable lady - I think bringing children up during the war , whilst husbands were away fighting had this effect.

Although I didnt get to see much of her, she was responsible for restoring my sanity at a very stressful point of my life when I was thirteen.

My beloved Grandad had died and my very own formidable Grandma had moved in with us, I can see now that she was grief stricken but to a thirteen year old she was angry, bitter and almost nasty.

The atmosphere in our house changed overnight and stayed that way for fourteen months - until moms cousin, meeting us by accident in town saw how drained we all looked. She insisted on coming to stay with Grandma but only if she would return to her own home for the fortnight.

Grandma reluctantly agreed, had a fantastic time and stayed at her own house after that, restoring all our relationships and sanity.

I had a fantastic relationship with Grandma after that and miss her every day - its just we couldnt live together.

So I am going to say thank you for this effort she made for us all to help rebuild our lives.

Isn't it amazing what one small act can have over a lifetime. I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I've finished bag number two for Ellies friends. She wanted a duck wearing sunglasses so I hope shes pleased.

I think I may have another couple to do yet so will have to get my thinking cap on !!

My cold is so much better today, I am feeling enthusiastic again.

I went to London at the weekend with my girlfriends to see Dirty Dancing and of course and more importantly Cath Kidston.

I will try and get some photos of my purchases on later - I was very restrained...................and have been regretting it ever since.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Another Christmas present finished and ready to go. My niece and her fiance live in a lovely little cottage in the cotswolds - it is their first home and their new baby is due to arrive very shortly.

I hope they like it !

These frames from Ikea are great.

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far on my new blog - how is the best way to respond ???

It took two hours today to get a visit counter on !!!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself as I have the sniffles and a bad throat but at least I am tucked up warm inside.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Birth Sampler

I've finally finished making a birth sampler for my new nephew.

I love Caroline Zoob and wanted to have a go at a similar picture that she has in her childrens book.

I started it three times over and have added and unpicked more times than I care to think - but I am really pleased with the outcome.

I'm hoping to take it over to them next week - so here's fingers crossed that they like it. It's always a worry when you've made something yourself. I'm always scared that they will think its just a cheap skate way of avoiding buying something - but thats me a complete worrier..........

Friday, 21 November 2008

Monkey Applique Bag

Here is a bag I've made for one of daughters friends at school for Christmas. She is mad about monkeys so I'm hoping she will like it.

I used one of the cotton "eco" shopping bags.

I want to do more for her other friends just need to find out their favourite things. I'm currently working on a duck bag - apparently her friend would like it if it could be wearing sunglasses !!!!

I dont know where these 10 year olds get their imaginations from.
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Starting a blog

I've decided to start a blog - thats the easy bit - now its knowing where to start.

I am a stay at home mom with 2 children. We home educate my son who is 12 and will do the same with my daughter (10) when she leaves year 6 in July.

We all love crafting - my husband enjoys DIY, gardening, carpentry, picture framing - just anything I ask him to really. (I know, I'm a lucky girl)

I love embroidery, sewing, reading blogs, home and crafting books - in fact I think I need to have a stint in The Priory for my book addiction - it is getting out of control.

I am still trying to create a lovely header for my blog so hopefully by the weekend I should have it sorted.