Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Birth Sampler

I've finally finished making a birth sampler for my new nephew.

I love Caroline Zoob and wanted to have a go at a similar picture that she has in her childrens book.

I started it three times over and have added and unpicked more times than I care to think - but I am really pleased with the outcome.

I'm hoping to take it over to them next week - so here's fingers crossed that they like it. It's always a worry when you've made something yourself. I'm always scared that they will think its just a cheap skate way of avoiding buying something - but thats me a complete worrier..........


Donna said...

Ahhhh Welcome to blogland sweetie. Your sampler is just beautiful and is worth far far more than anything you could buy in a shop. I would much rather have something handmade for me using someones precious time than an impersonal shop bought item any day.
Donna x

Carol said...

I love your samlper very much. I agree totally with Donna's comment. I have that book too, isn't it a great book, I plan to have a go at quite a few things in that book...busy busy busy!
I shall go back to your blog now and a have little read.
Carol xx

Margaret's Ramblings said...

You have done the hardest bit, writing your first post. It's so hard to know what to say isn't it. I look forward to your future writings. I love the sampler - it's beautiful.

nikki nairn said...

beautiful work ,better than any shop bought present !! love to see new bloggers as am just considering dipping my toe in myself, keep up the good work x nikki x