Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Birth Sampler

I've finally finished making a birth sampler for my new nephew.

I love Caroline Zoob and wanted to have a go at a similar picture that she has in her childrens book.

I started it three times over and have added and unpicked more times than I care to think - but I am really pleased with the outcome.

I'm hoping to take it over to them next week - so here's fingers crossed that they like it. It's always a worry when you've made something yourself. I'm always scared that they will think its just a cheap skate way of avoiding buying something - but thats me a complete worrier..........

Friday, 21 November 2008

Monkey Applique Bag

Here is a bag I've made for one of daughters friends at school for Christmas. She is mad about monkeys so I'm hoping she will like it.

I used one of the cotton "eco" shopping bags.

I want to do more for her other friends just need to find out their favourite things. I'm currently working on a duck bag - apparently her friend would like it if it could be wearing sunglasses !!!!

I dont know where these 10 year olds get their imaginations from.
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Starting a blog

I've decided to start a blog - thats the easy bit - now its knowing where to start.

I am a stay at home mom with 2 children. We home educate my son who is 12 and will do the same with my daughter (10) when she leaves year 6 in July.

We all love crafting - my husband enjoys DIY, gardening, carpentry, picture framing - just anything I ask him to really. (I know, I'm a lucky girl)

I love embroidery, sewing, reading blogs, home and crafting books - in fact I think I need to have a stint in The Priory for my book addiction - it is getting out of control.

I am still trying to create a lovely header for my blog so hopefully by the weekend I should have it sorted.