Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter, swaps, thrifting and jobs to be done

Happy Easter Everyone - I know its a little premature but as the children are on holiday it feels like its a good time to start celebrating.

I have started the Easter Tree by cutting some Lilac twigs and hanging my very sparse collection of eggs - though I am planning on making some more tonight whilst watching Project Runway and The Apprentice (I'm not addicted to reality TV really.....)

Yesterday afternoon the post van pulled up - hubby said what have you ordered now - truthfully nothing I said indignantly.

I was so excited when he knocked the door - it was my swap parcel from Lissy .

It was in a large box and all wrapped so beautifully, each packet individually with ribbons and embellishments. Sorry Lissy for not taking photos pre unwrapping but the excitement overtook me.

Here are my beautiful gifts including a book, dusters, choccies, ribbon, pencil, chicks, pegs... there were so many.

And this gorgeous mug - I am going to have a lovely cup of tea in it just after finishing this.

Thanks Lissy - I love my Easter Swap. XXXX

The time is nearly here as the T house descends into cricketing chaos.

Master T has been addicted to cricket since he was 6 so this is our 7th summer.

Last year he started to be selected for some of the adult teams at our club so some weeks we had four or five matches.
Hubby started to play and managed a couple of games at the end of the season before his Ham String went !!

Yesterday Master T wanted to go "to the nets" to practice as its less than 2 weeks before the season starts - luckily there is a lovely town close to the club with 5 charity shops - so Miss T, her friend and I spent a lovely afternoon perusing.

I was thrilled to find this lovely Granny Square crochet blanket - my photo really doesn't do it justice - the colours are wonderful and it is quite heavy so will be really cosy.

I think the green and red make it look so "gypsy" - I have asked Hubby if he will make me my very own gypsy caravan for it to go in........

I checked the price and couldn't believe it was just 50p.

Anyway, must get on - need to make more decorations for Easter Tree, Miss T is coming back from her friends soon and Master T now not feeling well and lying on sofa.

We picked up a pair of these chairs just before Christmas from a local junk shop and I am determined that before the end of the holidays they will be white and have a seat pad - so off to find the flatting paper.

Speak to you all soon and have a great Easter - DON'T go easy on the chocolate - there you have permission to go mad.


Pixiedust said...

Lovley swap goodies. I received one of my easter swaps today, will pop pics up later. Easter tree looks very pretty. Have a lovely Easter and eat lots of chocolate. xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for the permission to eat chocolate, in desperation at the children being both home all the time we broke out two yesterday, very naughty!!!

Your easter tree is sweet and I love all the things LissyLou sent :)

Mel xxx

PS amazing bargain on the blanket! My builder neighbour used to have a genuine gypsy caravan as someone paid him for a job with it!

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely swap you have there!!! I hopefully will get mine tomorrow, or Saturday, I can't wait!!!
Love the crocheted blanket, what a fantastic find!!
Enjoy Easter, and the choccies!!!!

Sharon xx

bex said...

wow!! 50p for the beauty...i take my hat off to you!!

lou said...

WOW 50p I must be going wrong somewhere!

Lovely swaps goodies!

I will look forward to seeing the chair all done after its makeover, have a fab Easter.
Love Lou xxx

P.S I am off too eat some chocolate now, only because you told me too! ;0)

The sewing room said...

Wow lucky you what a great swap,love those chairs cant wait to see them finnished have a great Easter best wishes Pat

Pink Feather Paradise said...

wow what finds and a fabulous Easter swap too!

My brother has always played cricket, plus my dad use to play (I think) Jer always seemed to get sunburned on one side of his face, I never took the micky.... Honest!

I accept the chocolate permission and send it right back at ya!

take care, Happy Easter

Alex x

Tatty Mum said...

Lovely Easter swap goodies.
I love your Easter tree it looks so pretty.
Have a lovely Easter

Joanne x

LittleGem said...

Lovely swap, and crochet blanket. Well done on that bargain! Thanks for the lovely comment, it is all going well with the shop so far, I think you should go for it, it is very exciting, and nervous, but good nerves :) XX

Tilly said...

Lovely swap goodies. I've never heard of an Easter tree. Sounds like a lovely idea. I can't believe you got that lovely blanket for just 50p - can you imagine the work that went into it?!

Country Bliss said...

Lovely swap goodies and the Easter tree looks fab. Love the blanket, what a bargain!
Yvonne x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sara

Thanks a lot for the comment, you've made a very good point. It is sad when friendships break down like that but I bet things wouldn't have been the same between you and your former friend even if you had "made up".

I am quite shocked that someone I've known well (or thought I did) for almost 4 years could suddenly turn round and get all judgemental like that. Our children are at preschool together at the moment (unfortunately my daughter is best friends with her child) but they are going to separate schools in September and I now think that is for the best!

Mel xxx

Serenata said...

50p for that blanket is a bargain!

Lovely goodies.

BTW My son has Ehlers Danlos.

Carol said...

OMG 50p! what a fantastic find. I have a growing collection of these blankets, which reminds me I have to pay for one on EBay...oops
Lots of lovely things here and your tree is lovely. I was hoping to make one but have not as usual time ran away.
Have a lovely Easter with your lovely family.
Carol x

Kitty said...

That blanket is why I love charity shops so much - you never know what treasure you might find.

My son (who is 8) begins his first ever season of cricket training next week - we are already slaves to his football schedule ... if he loves cricket, it's going to be doubly mad!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.


Floss said...

Thanks for the permission! We have double-doses of chocolate to come - we bought French Fair Trade chocs and my mother-in-law arrived loaded down with Cadbury's! We can have a proper Anglo-French Easter now! Have a great Easter yourselves.

Serenata said...

Sara, my sons EDS is primarily a hypermobility of joints. He used to dislocate his shoulders at will regularily but was told in strong terms but his doctor not to. He scars easily as well.

Kim McBirnie said...

I love your easter tree, it's really lovely - and wow, the blanket is such a find! Good luck with the chairs, I finally got rid of one last year that I had been menaning to sort out since before my son was born, nine years ago!
Kim xx

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Great swap pressies ~ lucky you! I think the crochet blanket must be the bargain of the century...
Have a great Easter break!

gingerwine said...

Really lovely swap!
and just loving that granny blanket!

sam xx

saraeden said...

I love that blanket !! Hope you all have a lovely Easter x

Sara x

Mr Lee said...

Great job. Very beautiful!Nice to meet you.Welcome to our blog

Jemm said...

Hi! I think I'm your swap partner at Silkie Sue's!! I've never done a swap. Do you know what to do?

retrorose said...

Thanks for the permission, I subliminally must have known you gave me that as 10days later I am still polishing it off! I love the crochet blanket. I need to learn how to crochet this year I think. Last year was knitting and I love that. Take care.

Mr Lee said...

Oooh,your art works are absolutely fantastic!Loving handmade works.
Hope your all doing well.Look forward to further communicating with you.
And we invite you to our blog.Thank you.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Just to let you know that I have set up a new blog to replace my lost one at:

Hope to see you there soon!

Greedy Nan said...

Sara - where are you? No blogs for ages .... I miss you.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hope all is well, miss you.


Debbies-English-Treasures said...


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Elise said...

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Shabby Chick said...

Hello, are you OK?

Hugs, Mel xxx