Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter, swaps, thrifting and jobs to be done

Happy Easter Everyone - I know its a little premature but as the children are on holiday it feels like its a good time to start celebrating.

I have started the Easter Tree by cutting some Lilac twigs and hanging my very sparse collection of eggs - though I am planning on making some more tonight whilst watching Project Runway and The Apprentice (I'm not addicted to reality TV really.....)

Yesterday afternoon the post van pulled up - hubby said what have you ordered now - truthfully nothing I said indignantly.

I was so excited when he knocked the door - it was my swap parcel from Lissy .

It was in a large box and all wrapped so beautifully, each packet individually with ribbons and embellishments. Sorry Lissy for not taking photos pre unwrapping but the excitement overtook me.

Here are my beautiful gifts including a book, dusters, choccies, ribbon, pencil, chicks, pegs... there were so many.

And this gorgeous mug - I am going to have a lovely cup of tea in it just after finishing this.

Thanks Lissy - I love my Easter Swap. XXXX

The time is nearly here as the T house descends into cricketing chaos.

Master T has been addicted to cricket since he was 6 so this is our 7th summer.

Last year he started to be selected for some of the adult teams at our club so some weeks we had four or five matches.
Hubby started to play and managed a couple of games at the end of the season before his Ham String went !!

Yesterday Master T wanted to go "to the nets" to practice as its less than 2 weeks before the season starts - luckily there is a lovely town close to the club with 5 charity shops - so Miss T, her friend and I spent a lovely afternoon perusing.

I was thrilled to find this lovely Granny Square crochet blanket - my photo really doesn't do it justice - the colours are wonderful and it is quite heavy so will be really cosy.

I think the green and red make it look so "gypsy" - I have asked Hubby if he will make me my very own gypsy caravan for it to go in........

I checked the price and couldn't believe it was just 50p.

Anyway, must get on - need to make more decorations for Easter Tree, Miss T is coming back from her friends soon and Master T now not feeling well and lying on sofa.

We picked up a pair of these chairs just before Christmas from a local junk shop and I am determined that before the end of the holidays they will be white and have a seat pad - so off to find the flatting paper.

Speak to you all soon and have a great Easter - DON'T go easy on the chocolate - there you have permission to go mad.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Its A Beautiful Day - for washing a toad ????

Its a gorgeous day here although the week has been not so gorgeous. Miss T has had tonsillitis and though she doesn't get it often - when she does its a nasty bout.

She didn't move from the sofa for two days - which is a miracle as she is normally such a busy little bee - it was horrible to see her so poorly.

She was so sick and had a nosebleed at the same time - which made for an interesting dilemma when it came to the big clean up - I didn't know which to tackle first.

Yesterday she was much brighter but still not physically active so it was great to see her venture out in the garden today.

She went to see the rabbits as she had missed them and wanted to give them a love.

After about 15 minutes I was surprised that she hadnt come back in and went to see if she was ok.

We turned the old coal house into a utility room and as I went out the back door I could see that the light was on in there - so I popped my head round the door.

Are you ok??

Yes mom.

What are you doing?

Washing a toad.

Ok - whaaattt? did you say washing a toad?

Yes it was dirty.......

I guess she is feeling much better......