Friday, 23 January 2009

Fabric, Crochet, Budgeting

These lovely new fabrics arrived today. It is a seller on eBay that I hadn't used before but she is reasonable and posted first class next day - which is brilliant as I get very over excited whenever I order anything.

Ive got no idea what I am going to use them for but loved the Shabby Chic roses - it reminded me of CK.

I know a lot of you lovely bloggy people have been considering learning crochet and asking which books are best.

I have started teaching myself since Christmas and though I found the set from Hobbycraft useful (see earlier blogs) I received this a few days ago and its brilliant.

It is so simply laid out and has simple items in as well.

I bought this with a Ladybird Knots book for 99p. They came as a pair and I was going to re list the knots book but the boys have found lots of fishing knots in there so it has been hidden away with the fishing books.

I decided to sit down today and do a budget planner - its something I have avoided for about - well - all my life !!

I have included everything and was surprised to find that someone has obviously been stealing my money as I should have a bit left every month. It couldn't possibly be my crafting,charity shops, antiques markets, magazine, fabric, book, wool and button habit - could it?

I am really going to try and be a very good girl from now on - I am allowing 130 pound a week for food, kids activities, petrol and other expenses and if I have any left I am going to spend half and save half . That's the theory...

SO I will maybe blog about it as I try to stick to it - it sounds achievable - doesn't it?

I am going to start a savings jar for my Kitchen Aid Mixer - I have had one on my Amazon wish list for four years and I'm determined I'm going to have one this year.

Its my birthday in March, so I am going to ask for money and I have a load of books to sell on eBay - I might create one of those thermometer thingies that they have in churches for the roof fund.

Any ideas for fundraising ??


funkymonkey said...

Gorgeous fabrics. Good luck with the fund for the kitchen aid. I've got one of those on my wish list(in my head). I'm still wishing.

lou said...

Beautiful fabric!!!
I have the same problem as you, I have money go missing ;0)
I can’t think of any ways of you getting the money for your Kitchen Aid Mixer!
But I might put a extra lock on my front door now… lol
If I think of anything I will get back to you…love Lou xxx

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Good news! The new mag is out and I will post it on Monday.

That's great you are doing a budget but I spend well over 130 pounds per week for groceries.

Great motivation though.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Lavender hearts said...

I love those fabrics, so pretty! I'm rubbish at learning practical things from books. I'm going to try and find a video on you tube. It semed to work for the knitting! :-)

Taz said...

Oh pretty fabric.
I would so love a kitchen aid too but I'm currently saving for chickens so it will be a long time before I get one.
How about opening a Folksy or Etsy shop to help fill your jar?
And a budget plan sounds like a great idea. I used to do one but then....hmmm maybe I should start one again.
Oh forgot to say I just gave a load of Barbara Erskine books away. She was one of my late MIL's favourite authors.

Josie-Mary said...

I love the crochet book... I've been looking for one. I collect ladybird books... must get round to posting about it.
I draw cash out every month & pay all my bills & I've never had so much money!!! I put away £80 a months for clothes & the last time I checked I had over £200... I even brought some GHD's last year. If you pay for things using cash it makes it more real. I'm starting a spending diary next month to see it I can save more... I know I spend loads on books, mags & wool.... My one weekness!! :)

The sewing room said...

sorry cant help with saving money l have a problem with that myself ,l love your fabric and thats why l have no money,fabric fabric and more fabric,l will have to try to stop spending because l want a kitchen aid as well ,good luck with the pennies.

Best wishes Pat

Gem said...

Lovely fabrics, very pretty :) I must have the same problem as you as I always have less money than I think I should. I can't imagine where it all goes ;)

Hollypop's said...

The fabrics are lovely, should be able to make some great things with those. Well done you, hope your budgeting goes to plan. I was pleased to get that curtain done, new years resolution (although a bit late), don't put off till tomorrow what I can do today (and budget better).
Enjoy the weekend.

Shabby Chick said...

Good luck with the budgeting! I find it so hard, especially when something unexpected crops up. Those fabrics are to die for, lovely.

Thanks for the tip on the sage tea, annoyingly we had loads at our old house but I haven't planted any here (I love the spikes of purple flowers mainly!) so I must seek some out. I was going to try ginger tea with honey but need to persuade the husband to go and buy some first...

Mel xxx

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