Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Blogging Parcels and Presents, Fishing and Cooking

I know its a bit of a bizarre title but I tend to save things up and then want to tell you everything.

When the postman knocked this morning instead of just pushing the bills through I started to get excited.

My first parcel I opened was from the lovely Sara from All About Eden. Remember when I asked if anyone had a dorcas pin tin that they would be willing to swap ?? Sara got in touch and kindly found one for me - I am so thrilled, it has gone straight into my CK sewing box before anyone else nabs it.

I also ordered two of her wonderful inspiration packs and boy are they inspirational. They are lovely - beautiful fabrics, with crochet trims, ric rac, buttons - oooooh I'm itching to get started. Thanks Sara - she also popped me a couple of naughty treats in.

My next parcel was from Lisa at Knitty, Vintage & Rosy - she is all the way in Canada and sent me this lovely swap parcel. We organised our own little swap and these are my beautiful goodies. Canadian Home & Country magazine which I am saving for this afternoon when I have changed all the beds. A beautiful embroidered hanky and gorgeous embroidered pillowcase.

I have been a lucky girl today. Blogging and my blogger friends are amazing, I feel very blessed.

The weekend was as busy as I expected so today and yesterday we have been working hard.

As some of you know we home school our 12 yr old and will be home schooling our daughter when she leaves yr 6 in July.

Today Master T has been working on algebra - he is amazing

which is just as well as Maths was probably one of my worst subjects. We still have to figure out number sequences - finding the nth term !!

He asked if he might make some lunch, so off he trotted into the kitchen and this is what he made.

I know it is just a plate of scrambled eggs and toast, but he had done it without any help - he watched me do it the other day - and carried it in so proudly.

I'm hoping that home educating is helping him grow not just academically and its moments like this that help to reassure me.

The boys in the house love fishing and they went off on a fishing trip on Friday.

Hubby had bought some vintage floats off ebay (i do encourage this as it makes my purchases easier to justify !) and was anxious to test them out.

I received a text whilst out with my friend to tell me about the "amazing" bream that hubby had just caught.

Master T normally catches the most fish so Hubby was especially pleased.

When they picked me up they were anxious to get home to load the photos on to the PC so that we could all have a better look at their triumphs off the day.

Master T seemed especially excited about me looking at his amazing catch of the day.

I waited for the photos to load trying to guess what I would be seeing - they did once catch a huge pike that was a national newspapers fish of the week - winning them an expensive fishing reel.

The anticipation was building, the comnputer churned, the photos loaded. I clicked to view the slideshow.............

At this point they fell about laughing - apparently this cheeky little fish decided to take on a worm that was actually bigger than him.

Considering my son is 12 you can see how big this plucky little guy was.

I think he's kind of cute.


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Have fun with all your inspiration! Good luck with all the home schooling, wonderful thing to do! Was there a particular reason you took this role on? I think its amazing! Sarah x

Kitty said...

I admire you in your home schooling - I couldn't do it I don't think. Lovely goodies you got from your blogging pals - aren't bloggers great?! Love the fish - I have never, ever been fishing ... must do it one day! x

MelMel said...

Looks a fun day....what interesting times you have at home together, much better than school!

Lovly gifts...and the tin is super sweet!xxx

MaryPoppins said...

I think he is rather cute yes, Ohooo did he go back in the water :)

Lovely Pretties there was lovely friendships you have made, I am really interested in the home schooling, thopugh wouldnt know what it entails.

My 2 year old is not going to school I want him at home with me forever :)


Tilly said...

Lovely swap goodies. I've just bought some of Sara's fabric. Did they bring home the big fish for dinner?

Floss said...

What a great, eclectic post! It's good to read your news. My 11-year old is trying to get into fishing and would be proud even of the tiny tiddler!

Floss said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Sara. In fact, one of the reasons I like the British blogs is for a bit of nostalgia! But we do love it here and don't want to go back. Having bilingual children, and being competent in French ourselves, is an amazing thing, really... Not what either Ben or I imagined when we were suffering in French lessons at school!

Josie-Mary said...

I think you can freeze fish if he's too big to eat in one go..LOL!!
The parcels look great, I'm going to take a look at the fabric packs :)

Miss sew n sew said...

I think your great doing home schooling that's a wonderful gift to pass on to your son looks like a perfect egg on toast to me spot on bless him!
Love the fish story!

Shabby Chick said...

Oh I love your swap goodies, how divine! Sounds like your son is doing so well, excellent scrambled eggs :)

I admire you so much for home schooling, I am dreading sending little one off to school in September but there's no way I could teach her myself.

Mel xxx

Hollypop's said...

Enjoyed reading your post. What great swap goodies and look forward to seeing what you create with your inspiration pack.
Scrambled egg on toast looks pretty good too. Glad they had a successful fishing trip.
Take care Nickyx

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

Love all your goodies ~ the fabrics look gorgeous. Have fun making lots of new things...

I do admire your home schooling, do you have a teaching background already?

Country Bliss said...

Scrambled eggs look so yummy and the little fish so cute!
Lovely parcels you've received, great that you got your tin.
Yvonne x