Saturday, 28 March 2009

Holiday 2009

I've been away from blogging for a while and really have no excuse other than I dont knw where the days keep disappearing.
Whilst I've been gone lots of things have happened.

I had my **th birthday - lovely day out with pub lunch and auction browse and I bought a Retro Roberts Radio that I've been wanting for about five years with my birthday money.

Mothers day - a gorgeous necklace chosen by Miss T and breakfast in bed from Master T.

A couple of trips into village but no great finds in charity shops, food shopping, cooking, cleaning , lots of ebaying...........................

And we've booked Holiday 2009 - we thought we probably wouldnt get away this year but after hearing lots of tragic stories - we decided to make the most of our time here and not keep putting things off. The children are growing so quickly - I know we probably only have a few more years when they will want to come with us.

We normally go with Canvas - they are like Eurocamp but we find them much cheaper.

We are going to France - the Loire and two sites not far from Paris then travelling up through Belgium to get to Holland. We are having three weeks in total, have upgraded the mobile home to their third option and booked the overnight ferry from Rotterdam with a cabin so we can get some sleep. Wow expensive I hear you mutter..... Now for the good bit. For the four of us, including all upgrades and ferries it is going to cost:

678 pound !!!!

We had thought about going on a narrowboat holiday for a week in this country but the cheapest we could get one in June was over 800.
These are some picture of the sites we are visiting - would be great if some of you could come too.


Thecraftytrundler said...

That's excellent!! I bet you can't wait!!! I went on one of these camping holidays in Brittany once, and it was great! I'm sure you'll love it! : )

Sharon xx

The sewing room said...

Lucky you we usualy go to france but decided to holiday here for a change and what a great price you got,now i know why we usualy holiday abroad, and belated birthday greetings to you have a great weekend best wishes Pat

Floss said...

Wow, that is incredibly cheap! We tried to find a mobile home to take us round Britain on a rare trip 'home' last summer, and it would have been way more expensive than that. You have done really well - I bet you have a fantastic time.

funkymonkey said...

Glad to see you back. Your holiday to be looks great. We're off to Cumbria late Spring. I love it there - it's beautiful even when it rains(as it probably will)


Kitty said...

Lovely to 'see' you. That holiday sounds fabulous - hope you all have a brilliant time. x

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, your holiday sounds great! We only ever went away for a week with my parents and never abroad, I hope the kids love it.

Mel xxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

wow what a bargain!

its cheaper than holidaying in the uk and it sounds like your going to have a wonderful time

Josie-Mary said...

Wow what a great price!!! It's good to have something to look forward to.
Don't give up on your blankets... the hard work is worth it in the end :)

gingerwine said...

Look at that sunshine, swimming and fun to be had..

can I come?

Sam xxx

LissyLou said...

Thats a great price!!

I can't send you an email from your profile page as i can't use microsoft office, faerienuff has my email address. xxxx

Taz said...

That looks great, can you fit me in your suitcase? :)

The stencilling I do is with freezer paper and acrylic paint, honestly if I can do it then anyone can ;)

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Your holiday plans sound great ~ oh to think of some sunshine and warmth on our will all have a fantastic time!
We are hoping to go to France this year again but haven't booked anything, we are last minute people!

JuliaB said...

I am beginning to regret my decision not to go abroad this year! x

lou said...

We have done Eurocamp a couple of times now and they have been fantastic, I was so unsure as I am so fussy about things, but I have to say they were some of our best holidays.
A belated happy birthday too!
Thanks for your lovely comment…love Lou xxx

Mr Lee said...

Happy holiday!

MelMel said...

I'm sorry they have been poorly sick....get well soon!

Thank you for the lovely comment...I once had a boss who was like Miss Honeys Aunt....scary!!!!*shiver*xxxx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Happy Belated 'nth' Birthday...!!!
I love hearing about planned holidays.. the excitement and anticipation of the journey and adventures..
and I am one of those rare breeds that like other people's holiday snaps.. so please take lots of photos to share!

Michele xx

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.