Sunday, 6 February 2011

Quick Hello

I don't know where this week has gone again !

I think instead of writing "to do" list I am going to start writing "have done" lists - although I get loads done I never feel satisfied as there are stll 3 million things on my to do list.

This weeks list so far:

Need to get listing on ebay as need some money to celebrate my 4oth in March

I want to create a "happy wall" - photos that make me smile so need to sort through the photo box, scan them in, turn to black and white and then get printed in various sizes to match frames (which I havent got yet !)

I want to carry on with my crochet blanket.

My crochet scarf that is nearly completed is not pleasing me as a scarf - so i think I am going to unpick squares and join them to make xushion covers.

I've set myself a target of 3 blog posts this week (yeah right)

I have had to install my scanner software as it has stopped working (have done this just)

The PC needs defragging desperately

SPyware needs running

Daughters laptop needs sorting as its running as slow as I do for a bus !

Washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning shopping.

Wednesday I am having a naughty wisdom tooth out in hospital as it is side on , wrapped round a facial nerve and the bone needs drilling (lovely)

Crochet edgings round my thrifted pillowcases

Embroidery for my friend

SO not much then .......................................

Sorry its not an image filled post but I have only just sorted PC out - will leave you with my test scanned photo - me when I was 3 - probably the only picture you will get to see with me in as I hate photos of myself !!

Will try and post tomorrow with last thursdays thrift finds and crochet squares and blanket :)


Rachael @ CleverCheshireCats said...

What a cute picture. You sound very much like me as there is always so much to do and the list never does seem to get shorter. Good luck with the wisdom tooth too. Rachael Xx

Heidi said...

cute little girl.....Boy I agree it's so hard getting everything done and having time for blogland!

Amanda said...

I had two wisdom teeth out, very painless at the time but when you get home tale some ibuprofen as I got flu like symptoms just for a few hours, very odd.

bellaboo said...

You were a cute 3yr old.Goodness.. you are going to be a busy bee!
Good luck for will be nice to get that over and done with. ;0)

Jenny said...

You have such a long list of to do's :( though if I wrote mine down too, it would probably rival yours! hope you manage to get through some of it soon and good luck for wednesday too! xxx p.s cute dress!

delia hornbook said...

Wow thats a list and a half ;-)) You can do it ;-)) enjoy your wee, dee x

Jill said...

I don't envy your wisdom tooth op.
Hope everything goes OK.