Friday, 28 January 2011

Thrifting Finds

Thursdays are my day off - sometimes I think it is only Thursdays that keep me sane.
When I worked evenings when the munchkins were little - Thursdays were my worst day of the week - I had to be in work for 5pm apart from a Thursday when I had to be in at 1pm for a team leader meeting.Every week the meeting would be the same - nothing achieved, nothing sorted, just a long boring waste of time - so I dreaded Thursdays.

Now though, Thursdays are so lovely . As you may know we home educate the kids and its brilliant but I think we do need a break from each other sometimes.My Mom and Dad have the children (and the dog) down to their house on Thursdays, cook them a lovely dinner and I think they all enjoy it. Kids get fussed over, Mom gets someone to fuss over and Dad gets a break from Mom fussing over him !!They do take some work with them to do in the morning but I think spending time with Grandparents is just as educational and important.

So Thursdays are "our" day - hubby doesnt work Thursdays so its our chance to get things done round the house, garden or go off exploring (which is my personal favourite).
Yesterday we were time limited as I had a hospital appt at 3pm so we just popped to one of our favourite towns anout 10 miles away. Its very pretty and has always served us well in the thrifting dept.

Yesterday was no exception :-Vintage skyline kitchen utensils - 50p each

Vintage embroidered linens - total price £4

Beautiful blank notebook and vintage cookery book - £1.70 total
Gorgeous 10 x 8 frame - unused - £3

And wool - £2 and lots of vintage unused buttons - 20p a pack
I was really pleased - just have to find somewhere to put them now !!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

What a wonderful haul. Love the kitchen utensils especially. Would love to find some of those and display them in our kitchen.

Well done you!

Nana Go-Go said...

Wow! Worth it for the wool and buttons alone! I`ve got some of that lovely vintage linen - just not sure what to do with it! Any ideas? I used to hate the nightime job I had also starting at 5.00pm - I`d watch the clock from early afternoon, counting down how much `at home` time I had left.....uugghhh....thankfully those days are well behind me now!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Oooh, a good haul there! Good price on the linens too - they're pretty pricey here now, especially in the Oxfam shop. Sounds like a good Thursday! Enjoy your weekend :)

Serenata said...

How lovely to have a day to yourselves. Very important I think, especially when you home educate.

Some great finds!

KC'sCourt! said...

What wonderful things especially the linen.
I hate going to work in the afternoon, like Nana-go-go I'd be clock watching to make sure I wouldn't be late for work.

emma bear forever said...

Lots of lovely buttons to play with, what lovely finds x

bellaboo said...

You did really well with your finds..those embroidered cloths were a bargain,I pay that for ONE sometimes!
I found a lovely vintage pillowcase and a knitted T cosy today.
Have a lovely weekend! :o)

Sarah said...

What a great stash! I'm off to the charity shops tomorrow - hope I find something!

MelMel said...

Some lovely finds!
I have Tues n Thurs off, I must say it does me good, after a day of housey stuff on Tues, I spend /Thurs mostly pottering round various flea markets etc for goodies.....its my bit of "me" time with my Mum....
Nice to have a break from all the hustle n bustle!xxx

bears footprints said...

i must be looking in the wrong charity shops as i never seem to found any buttons x

delia hornbook said...

What lovely finds, i love your linen and buttons wow ;-)) I know what you mean about having a day off all to yourself in the week, i am very lucky in the fact i now get mon and tue to myself and its a blessing to me. Enjoy your weekend, dee x

Heidi said...

You totaly scored, I love all your finds wow!
I tried to homeschool our oldest in 7th grade he hated middle school and so I pulled him out and we did it for a week and He was so good I just had such a hard time with it. You went to the top of my list for amazing Mom's.
It's hard having the ball 24 hours a day with them and not getting lost in it, I'm so glad you and your dad got a day off and the kids and your Mom had a great day too!!

Amy said...

fab finds. Love the colour of the utensils x

Jenny said...

Wow you had a good day coming back with some lovely finds! I haven't been so lucky lately, the local charity shops aren't up to much at the minute! haha! Love those linens though, what will you be using them for? jenny xxx

Pipany said...

Hello there. Great to find your blog. off for a look around now. Good luck with your new business too - I will keep an eye out! x

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I am adoring your finds right now! Especially the vintage textiles. I am always a sucker for embroidered hankies and hand towels.

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Rindy Evans said...

I was looking through random blogs and ran across yours and I just love how much thrift posts you have that are so easy to read! I am a fellow thrifter and I also love antiquing; my house is covered in both :)

I am in the point you were with having young children except i just stay at home with them...7 days a week 8/ haha but i do love it, but it truly is madness!

I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Heres a link to my blog if you'd like to take a look! It's all about encouraging, inspiring, and challenging ourselves. thanks!

...Live Out Love...