Sunday, 23 January 2011

Handcrafted Presents

I made quite a few presents at Christmas, I always find it a bit tricky as I dont want people to think I'm a skinflint so I think the recipients have to be chosen very carefully.

Luckily all the presents were very gratefully received, I think crafting for children is a bit of a safer bet then the grown ups (unless its your Mom or Nan).

The picture above was to celebrate the birth of another Great Nephew (makes me sound about 90, I was born much later than my sisters so my nieces and nephews are closer in age to me) - I do sometimes get introduced as "the mistake" :)

I normally like to make the birth pictures a bit more in depth but I ran out of time, I do quite like the simplicity and I suppose it wont age as much as a childish picture.

The Christmas stocking was a cheat - I bought a load of these stockings in the sale last year for £2 each and then just applique names on the cuff - which is very simple - all 6 little people know have their very own.

And finally my very first attempt at bunting - my niece gave me the stripy fabric as it matches the curtains in the nursery - I did make the reverse plain so they didnt have to have the name showing if they didn't want.

I'm trying to decide what to do with myself today - my hair needs drying before it turns into a big ball of fluff but after that I'm not sure.

Hubby works a 12 hour shift on a Sunday, Miss T is going out with her friend, Master t is working on a bike renovation at his friends house so its just me and the pets.

There's a load of housework that should be done but I feel like being more creative than that. Might make a cup of tea and have a think about it - trouble is before you know it its dark again and the day has just disappeared !!

Got to go the cat is screaming at the french doors to be let in !!


Heidi said...

I love days like this our littlest is at a sleepover as is oldest down to one child and its soooo quiet! Enjoy yourself and have cookie with you cup!

KC'sCourt! said...

I love having a day to myself. Love the stocking and the bunting
Julie xxxxxxxx

Lisa said...

Your bunting looks fab. And the stocking too. Well done you.
Lisa x

♥coco rose♥ said...

I think passports and airport is the best one today! I just smashed a favourite cup and tea is all down the kitchen cupboards!!!!! I think I need to go out for a walk!

I now just shut the bedroom of the boys as fed up with looking at their constant mess! They were not happy with being told that as soon as they got in from school, homework done, hamster cleaned out and all their junk from around the house needed to be put back in their rooms as I wasn't doing it. I looked in the rear view mirror to see a 'loser' sign on the forehead staring back at me from one kid. Who ever said having kids was a joy! Hope your day picks up too!


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