Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stress Over

I cant believe I havent blogged since December 7th (short sharp wrap over the knuckles). I was in such a panic back then, no presents bought (no money to buy them with), no decorations up, feeling very sorry for myself with my health, worrying about my Dad, kids, dog and everything else that poped into my mind on a minute by minute basis.

I look back now and feel slightly (well hugely) ridiculous - everything got sorted bit by bit, we did have a bit of a scare with my Dad but he seems back on his feet now.

I really must stop worrying incessantly - does anyone have any tips ????

When I'm in the midst of a worry phase my creativity hits a brick wall - a huge 10ft black brick wall.

Its making things that keeps me sane so I end up in a very vicious circle.

I read in a book recently that to change your energy and the energy that you attract you should thing of 10 things that you are grateful every day - so hear goes.

1. I have nearly finished my crochet scarf project.

2. Miss T and her friend are taking the dog for his walk in a minute. ( photo after his bath yesterday)

3. Master T seems much better after being ill for 2 weeks with the flu

4. I had a lovely lie in this morning

5. I love feeling snuggly and warm inside but hearing the wind gusting outside.

6. I have already tidied all the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher.

7. I have plans to start a present for my moms cousin

8. I won a lovely cross stitch book on ebay that i have just paid for

9. I have just sold three knitting patterns on ebay which paid for the cross stitch book

10. I only have 1 very tiny pile of ironing left

I know they arent ground breaking "I've just won the lottery !" but actually they all make me feel really warm and snuggled and I think I would probably be slightly stressed if I had just won the lottery though five and the bonus would be nice !! (if anyone up there is listening)


Amanda said...

I do think its the little things that can get you down and it does help to do a thankful list.

Diary of a Tinyholder said...

I am much better now, but I used to be exactly the same!! What I do now is I try to think of someone much worse off than me and then it puts my rather pathetic worries into perspective. My worries are usually how am I going to have time to clean when I've got to work late. 1) at least I have a house to clean many people don't 2) I'm lucky to have a job and 3) does it really matter that the house is a bit messy? :-) Hope that helps. x

Rachael said...

I'm glad you are back! I find writing down each thing that is worrying me helps as I can then sort out one thing at time and tick it off the list. As i see the list getting smaller it helps Xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

It's hard to get things in perspective sometimes, isn't it - but I think your idea of listing the positives is a good one. Your crochet scarf is looking good!

MelMel said...

I have had big worries like yourself, the type that keep you awake at night wondering how the heck its all going to get sorted, then wading like a snail in treacle all day with tiredness.....
I went to the Doc, how gave me a letter to pass to a few ppl to help them "get" my stresses......then I made sure I was drinking loads of water, as these keeps a clear head, cuts down on confusion....then a list.....which I worked my way through, to make ends meet while my agency got me sorted, I popped a few cards in shop windows and advertised my cleaning and ironing services, thankfully my agency has got me 3 set days a week and I feel so relieved as we were able to do a good food shop today.
And lastly, I try really hard to remember that I have a lot to be glad about, a great family and a lovely home.
I've got a job interview this Tues and a couple more jobs to apply for, I'm bending over backwards to do my best, so I have such empathy with you....
I'm glad to read you have had a fab day/weekend so far....chin up....and with support things will get better.....:>))


MelMel said...

Whoops my typing is rubbish today....not sure some of that makes sense!
but I'm sure you will be able to see through the typing errors!xx

MelMel said...

ooohhhh Larkrise, got my bar of chocolate's my sunday night treat....good old fruit n nut!

I've got the house to myself, Olly has gone to his friends to play cards!
It will do him good to let his hair down!

Have a good week!xxx

bellaboo said...

It's hard when you are a natural worrier.Nothing worse than lying in bed at night,unable to sleep and thinking of all the things that might happen or not happen!
You seem to have got a 'hold' on it,and are employing some good tactics to help you.Remember you are not alone.There are a lot of us out there!
Wishing you a lovely,(and hopefully.. worry free) week. :0)

Amy said...

Great post x

emma bear forever said...

Seems like you have things in hand and taken the right approach. It's good sometimes to just sit back and be grateful for the simple everyday things xx

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Hooray, you're back!

delia hornbook said...

aww bless you. Well its lovely to see you back and with a lovely positive list as well, because that is what it is. I really belive that worry is an evil and i really think its a wasted energy to, so try putting that energy into thinking Ok this is silly, its not going to get me anyway except upset and whats the point in that? Use that energy and turn it into a positive and do something that will make you happy like being creative and doing something for you. I learnt something once...except the things we can change and the things we can' helps me. Good luck ;-)) Dee x

Heidi said...

welcome back I'm glad your Dad is doing better!