Friday, 5 December 2008

Charity Shop Trip

At last it was that time of the week - Charity Shop day !!

Its normally a Thursday but this week had to be postponed for a day because of yesterdays events.

It started well from the first shop - 2 Santa candle holders, some christmas berries (not shown), a couple of books and a lot of embroidered bits , including a crewel work cushion cover - total cost $2.25 - Its supposed to say pounds but for some reason the keyboard has decided its American !

Then a great little bachelors Hug mug that I think we will all fight over and a santa mug - thats a candle.

A couple of new books, magazine, Michael Buble CD.

A journal , ready to record some thoughts.

A beautiful bowl with roses on or should I say - yet another bowl with roses on.

And finally a trammed tapestry (only found out what one was today) by Beverley with all the wools for only 4 pound - the dollar sign is getting on my nerves now. I'm not sure whether to start it or sell it - I have so many unfinshed tapestries. This one is brand new - hasn't even been started.

A great kids top - 25p - that I might turn into something else or just use the buttons.

Total spend - 15 pound

I forgot to photo my vintage childrens names and horoscopes book - though I have checked the horoscopes for my two and they sound nothing like them - other than the Virgo can be very fussy !!!!

Well, better attack the ironing pile and maybe fit some crafting time in - after a nice bath !!!

Thanks for all your positive comments, I've learnt so much this week and met some lovely people.

I am hoping to get round to some Christmas Decorations this weekend - watch this space - but not too carefully !!!


Greedy Nan said...

'They' obviously put charity shops where I'm not - I very rarely find much at all and these bits look really exciting. Were they all one shop or lots of different ones?
Glad that you're enjoying your dip into the sea of blog - I like it too and feel as though I have a lot of new people in my life now.
Looking forward to seeing what you do decoratively - I'm still really taken with the CZ sampler.

Miss sew n sew said...

Welcome to blogland I love a good nose round the charity shops to it's amazing what treasures you can find. I love your caroline zoob inspired birth sampler it's really lovely.

Tilly said...

Hi there, found your blog via melmel. Love all your crafty stuff. I really sympathise with your story about your grandma. Mine (dad's mother) was a very difficult person to be around for more than a couple of hours, bless her!

Tilly said...

Ooh, looking forward to hearing more about your family intrigues. Family history is definitely fascinating. I've found out quite a bit about myself as a result of it. So far have managed to get back to around 1790 on one branch of the family but being so far from home makes it a bit tricky.

Tilly said...

I'd like to put you on my bloglist, if you don't mind.

MelMel said...


I'm so pleased with the smaller tree.....suits the room i think....
I'm going for a homespun 1940's christmas look.....all make do and mend....:>)