Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Past

I've been busy this week trying to organise presents etc and I'm hoping that one last push tomorrow should nearly or maybe even definately finish the prezzie buying.

I still havent got any decorations up and so feel really un Christmassy.

This morning I spent moving digital photos around into folders as we are getting the grannys and great aunt digital photo frames and I have been trying to select some photos to put on there for them.

It took nearly all morning as I kept stopping to call hubby and say ohhhhhhhhhhh look at this one etc etc.

Whilst searching through I found a few of Christmas past so thought I would share them uactually get round to putting this years up.

This was the dining room a couple of years ago - last year I had nine to dinner so it was a bit of a squash.

This is the dining room fireplace the same year, where the tree is now my built in computer hideaway so I don't think I will manage a tree in here this year.

Will have to try and make it festive somehow !!!

Any ideas ????

Hopefully tomorrow will be blogging about new coffee table makeover - watch this space !


funkymonkey said...

Looks like a lovely cosy Christmas.

saraeden said...

I still have to paint our living room before i put up the decorations !!!
Good luck with the present shopping !!

Sara x

Ragged Roses said...

Your home looks lovely in those old photos, sorting through photos takes so much time doesn;t it! I bought my father a digi frame this year and he absolutely loves it! Have fun with the decorating