Thursday, 4 December 2008

Not time to do much crafting today - I finshed this lavender heart from an old torn tablecloth last night, but today we have to go to a funeral of my moms cousin.

She was 89 and a formidable lady - I think bringing children up during the war , whilst husbands were away fighting had this effect.

Although I didnt get to see much of her, she was responsible for restoring my sanity at a very stressful point of my life when I was thirteen.

My beloved Grandad had died and my very own formidable Grandma had moved in with us, I can see now that she was grief stricken but to a thirteen year old she was angry, bitter and almost nasty.

The atmosphere in our house changed overnight and stayed that way for fourteen months - until moms cousin, meeting us by accident in town saw how drained we all looked. She insisted on coming to stay with Grandma but only if she would return to her own home for the fortnight.

Grandma reluctantly agreed, had a fantastic time and stayed at her own house after that, restoring all our relationships and sanity.

I had a fantastic relationship with Grandma after that and miss her every day - its just we couldnt live together.

So I am going to say thank you for this effort she made for us all to help rebuild our lives.

Isn't it amazing what one small act can have over a lifetime. I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned.


Carol said...

So sorry to read this post, I do hope that everything goes well,as well as is possible.
Reading this sent such a shiver through me. Both myself and my closest friend are going through a similar situation as you did when you were thirteen. Where do we find the strength, to get through these 'uncomfortable' times.
I will be thinking of you,
Big hugs,
Carol xx

thriftymrs said...

So sorry to hear your terribly sad news.

Gingham and Flowers said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum's cousin but she got to a good age and how lovely that you remember her for doing such a good thing for your family. Love the lavender heart by the way.

funkymonkey said...


sorry to hear about your sad times, hold on to those good memories of her.

Thanks for visiting. I do love the little heart you've made, it's very pretty.