Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Tree At Last !!

At last the tree is up and the lounge is finally feeling Christmassy.

Last year we had the gold theme in the lounge but I missed my red and gingham and the kids love it when we have the "toy" tree - so here it is.

I made the hearts and stockings a few years back and the others we have collected over the years. Tinkerbell came back with us from Disneyland Paris last year.

The fairy on top of the tree was on my very first Christmas tree - her bodice was originally silver and had distintegrated (a bit like me really) - so I used some gingham ribbon. I really need to do something with her dress - I might get round to it one of the nights when everything is done ! (like thats gonna happen).


Wild Rose said...

Hi Sara,

Your tree looks beautiful!

We were planning on going to get ours today, but we have had quite a lot of snow overnight, so will have to wait for the ploughs to arrive, as we drive a Mini and it gets beached in deep snow!!!

Marie x

Carol said...

Hi Sara,
You tree looks lovely. I have had gold themes and silver themes but reds and ginghams are my favourite.
The cd has been inspiring. I will pass it on...not yet though!
I have my little book ready for Jan 09...looking forward to writing in it!
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xxx

Tilly said...

Hi Sara, wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas,x!