Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cast Iron Fireplace and A New Addition

We battled through some snow storms yesterday to go and pick up our "ebay" fireplace. I did wonder at one point if we should abandon the idea as the weather seemed to be getting worse.

We carried on as we were not too far away and put our new bedroom fireplace in the car to take home - I think the fireplace would be quite pleased as it was living in a cold shed !!

I'm really pleased with it and it already looks at home propped up against the bedroom wall. It will need some flatting and painting - but I'm already planning the garland for Christmas to make the bedroom look festive.

I think we are more or less ready to start the bedroom renovation now - it is the last room to do and still has the "old ladys" carpet and curtains.

Hubby has some adjustments to the wall and chimney breast to make - we have an original built in cupboard in there but it is so narrow that its not really that practical, so by bringing the wall out we will be able to use it as a wardrobe - saving on space and money as we have yet to buy one. At our old house we had built in and have been using the one that was left in the house when we moved in.

Now meet the new addition to the family - Colin the Collared Dove !
Master T and his friend were playing out this morning when they found Colin sheltering under a bush - he is a juvenile as his tail feathers havent grown in and he was not moving and very shocked.

They bought him home and we have warmed him up with his very own marathon style foil blanket, in a box of paper shreddings sat just underneath the radiator.
We have been feeding him mushed bread and egg through a syringe every couple of hours and he will now stand on our fingers and spread his wings. He really smacked his mouth (or is that beak) at his last meal and seems to be coming back to life hourly.

I'm not really sure where this will leave us or Colin so if anyone has any experience about how to help him - it would be gratefully received.

I did search the internet where someone had asked how to help a baby pigeon but the reply was - Start making the pastry !!!!

So at the last count we now have 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 kids, 6 chickens and a baby dove. The kids are always bringing back waifs and strays - last year we had a bird, a mouse and even a dog.

Will post about ebay bargains tomorrow between Colins feeds !!


Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely new fireplace! Hope Colin recovers enough to go home one day!

Taz said...

Nice fireplace and poor wee Colin. I have to say when I read the bit about you wrapping him up in foil I did start to wonder if you had the oven on LOL
I've no advice re how to help him sorry and would you believe my word verification is uless!

The sewing room said...

Great fireplace i bet its glad to be loved again i am sure you will work some magic on it. As for your feathered friend i cant help dont know much about them but i think what you are doing is about all you can do warmth food and rest,hope all goes well best wishes Pat

Kitty said...

The fireplace is lovely - and so is Colin. Awwww, I hope he'll be ok - have you got a friendly local vet you can ask about it? x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the fireplace!!! That will look beautiful in your bedroom.Certainly worth the trip!
As to the built in cupboard. I used to have one at my last house, what we did to use it as a wardrobe is remove the doors & frame in one, then built out with planks of pine to the depth we wanted.This worked perfectly, it was an inexpensive way of gaining a Victorian wardrobe.
Hope things go well for Colin, have you tried the RSPCA, or any other animal shelters in your area?

Happy renovating & nursing!

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

What a cute little birdie! I hope that he will be ok :)


Josie-Mary said...

Love the fireplace. How sweet is Colin?? I couldn't look after him... I hate birds... flapping wings! I can't even touch feathers. Hope he recovers soon... what will you do with him?? Just let him go?? :)

rachel the krafty girl said...

the fireplace is so pretty.

i sure hope colin makes a full recovery,the sweet little thing

Shabby Chick said...

That fireplace is fabulous, I can totally see why you bought it :) Hope Colin is better soon!

Thanks so much for your comment on my post about my Dad, it means a lot that you took the time.

Mel xxx

dorban said...
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Kim McBirnie said...

have you tried putting some seed and water in front of him? I guess hydration would be the main concern - you could always ring your local PDSA for advice?
The fireplace is gorgeous, I would so love a bedroom where a fire like that would fit in.
Kim xx

Lavender hearts said...

Love the fireplace, just like the one I got last year.

Do you want to do a swap?! We desperately want to remove our built in wardrobes. They come about 4 feet in front of the chimney breast and I reckon the room would be at least 6 feet bigger without them. We want to go to an auction and buy some nice antique wardrobes. They are going for a song at the moment because of the credit crunch. Good time to buy antiques that's for sure.

Tilly said...

Lovely fireplace. Can't help with any advice re Colin, aside from a phonecall to the RSPCA for advice perhaps. Hope he is still doing ok.