Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lovely Laura Ashley Bargains

As promised yesterday - here are my Laura Ashley bargains.

We popped out on Friday into a nearby town, mainly to look in TK Maxx but they have a Laura Ashley right by it so of course I couldnt pass by.

I wandered round looking for bargains as with my budget LA normal prices are out of the question.

At the back of the store was a blue plastic bin so of course I had to have a look.

It was full of lots of pieces of fabric that had been detached from one of their sample books, with a sign on the box saying 50p each !!

I ransacked the box for all the best ones - I think I only left three behind.

My camera does not really show up the colours that great but I have loads of really nice pieces.

They are all about a metre by 60cm.

Lovely polka dots, ginghams, florals, checks......

Even some oilcloth !!!

I just have to decide what to do with it now - I only spent nine pounds so I dont think thats bad at all - though the budget is not going too well - have bought antique fireplace for bedroom renovation and workbox tin so far this week.


Pixiedust said...

Well done you, what an amazing stash. xxxx

bekimarie said...

Great samples, lucky you!
Take care
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, you did well. Definitely worth £9! Enjoy using it.

Mel xxx

Kitty said...

Oooooh, you lucky thing! They're beautiful. x

Sue said...

You did very well, you should be able to make something really nice out of those fabrics. I must admit I prefer Laura Ashley to Cath Kidston, as they are less flowery and seem to go better with our decor. Every time I go to our main town I pop in and sometimes are lucky with the offcuts.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love 'em!!!! Will have to keep checking my nearest LA store!
Would love to see what they will be turned in to!! The possibilities are endless!!! Great usable sizes.

Hugs : )

Sharon xx

gingerwine said...

Wow £9 pounds...I do love Laura Ashley... we have a small laura ashley in my local homebase...which is always nice to wander around!

bekimarie said...

I've also been watching a few of those little record players. They go from anything from £40 upwards. If only i'd kept all my old toys.
Beki xxx

Lavender hearts said...

Brill finds, can't wait to see the fireplace! :-)

Lace hearts said...

How fantastic - lucky you! I'd have grabbed just as many. x

Raspberry Grace said...

Lovely LA yummies! You are lucky ! :)

God bless,
Rasp x

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, Thanks for your comment! The chest of drawers is from Ikea, you can see the before pic in our old house:

I painted it duck egg, changed the handles, put some Laura Ashley wallpaper (from the bargain bin, £1.50) on the side and some oil cloth on the top. I'm not looking forward to painting the printers tray. It took me about 2 hours last week to clean it out! :-(

Taz said...

Cool we do love a bargain eh? And you haven't blown your budget you are merely investing in your property ;)
Oh and don't feel bad that you didn't do as much as me yesterday because that was your day off and today was my day off. I fed the small people and ironed their uniforms but the rest of the housework will still be waiting there for me tomorrow. x

thriftymrs said...

Oh lucky you. Great bargains.

MelMel said...

Wow....wonderful....cushions...chair covers....oh the list of fun is endless!


Gem said...

ooooh lovely, I'm very jealous!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with these :) xx

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous well done :) You were meant to have them

Thank you for your lovely coments, please do feel free to share your life with us, you have a beautiful blog and would love to know more about you :)


lou said...

Wow what a bargain!
All of it looks gorgeous!
Love Lou xxx

beck said...

Lucky you! What will you make with your new bits?

Ragged Roses said...

Wow, you could make some lovely patchwork cushions with those! What a bargain

gingerwine said...


Ooo my email is being annoying!
just to make sure here they are again and

xxx Sam xx

MelMel said...

Another use for the wonderful LA fabric....cover the shoe box...instant pretty box!
Bet you would make a lovely one to!
Have a fun day!
Doing anything interesting as i comment?