Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Thrifting Bargains And Leaving Home

I have had these a few days since I last went thrifting in the village. I had taken my CK blue Ottoman rose Tesco shopper and was amazed to find this lovely crochet throw in exactly the same colours.

I have a new mission now when thrifting - I can only buy colour co-ordinating articles !! (yeah right)

I picked up these books as well and I had still only spent 4 pounds.

I'm hoping to get chance to pop in again tomorrow as Wednesday is bric a brac market and last week there was a lovely blue and white jug that I have kicked myself all week about not buying.

For some reason I feel a bit flat today and a bit of a mooch might be all thats needed to lighten the spirits.

I sometimes get "the flats" for no obvious reason - maybe its my age.

We had a big event yesterday - if you know about Colin - our baby dove that Master T rescued, you will remember that he seemed to picking up his strength daily and had started to practice flying.

Over the weekend his practice flying became - nesting on my dresser then dive bombing at my head whilst I try to work on the computer !! My husband made him a mini aviary by putting a cover over the top of the kids trampoline and enclosure - so he could practice his flying and get used to outdoors. We did this for a couple of hours each day - bringing him back inside for his meals and safety at night.
Yesterday we did the same and Colin took the opportunity to fly off to pastures new. I hope this means he is well and strong and that we did a good job. I've worried since that hes remembering to eat and staying safe - I suppose this is what it will be like when the kids leave home.
Hubby says he will still build the dovecote in case Colin wants to return for a holiday.

Thanks again for all your good wishes for Colin - I'm sure all the positive thoughts helped him to recover.


The sewing room said...

Great finds,i always kick myself for not buying somthing and then i get home and wish i had,i also know the empty nest syndrome too i have had four fly the nest with two to go and it doesnt get any easier but i am sure you will see Collin flying around one day. Best wishes Pat

Taz said...

Aww your first one to fly the nest (((hugs)))
You have done an amazing job with Colin I hope you see him returning for his holidays soon

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Love the colors on the throw! I bet your handsome bird is out there in the world looking for sweet pieces of china to land on.

Josie-Mary said...

You've a great job with Colin but it was a bit rude of him not to thank you!!! Hope he comes back to see you. Love the blanket :)

Thecraftytrundler said...

Great to hear that Colin is now well & doing what pigeons do!
Love the finds, your bookcase will grow, and grow with all those lovely books, just like mine!!!

Have a great day : )

Sharon xx

rachel the krafty girl said...

i do the same!i always regret something if i dont buy it straight away!
im so pleased to hear about colin!
you obviously did a really good job looking after him.
im sure he will come back to visit!


Hollypop's said...

The crochet throw is great, and we all know how much work that must have been for someone, so a real bargain.
I'm pleased to hear about Colin and I think the holiday home for him is a super idea.
I saw a fabric remnant yesterday and today I'm thinking I really should have bought it, because I'm now thinking of different projects I could have used it for. Typical!
Take care.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Great finds!
You did a great job with Colin - I bet he'll hang around for a while.

Country Bliss said...

Lovely colours used for the throw, I have the two Jennifer Davies books - great finds.
Hope Colin's doing well out there in the big wide world.
Yvonne x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh bye bye colin we hope you are very happy and remember the lovely family who nutured you!!!
i love the throw :-)
Lesley x

Pixiedust said...

I hope you find your blue and white jug tomorrow. I hope Colin is enjoying his freedom and staying safe. xxx

saraeden said...

I will find out the tin for you it is buried under a pile of papers on my desk . I will take some photo's for you to look to see if it is ok in the morning .

I always have to buy something if i see it that's probably why i am up to my ears in fabric ;0)

Sara x

Greedy Nan said...

Glad that Colin has flown your nest. Your care and attention made him into a real survivor but perhaps he'll be back with a few friends as he knows where you are now. Well done!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Gorgeous blanket with handmade with gorgeous colors!
Hope you get the jug!
Debbie Moss

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Gorgeous blanket with handmade with gorgeous colors!
Hope you get the jug!
Debbie Moss

Miss sew n sew said...

Aww I'm sure Colin will be fine sounds like you did a really good job there looking after him. Would be nice if he pops back to visit you!
Love your thrifty finds!

Kitty said...

Oh :-O I am so shocked that Colin flew off. I hope he'll be ok. It's great that the dovecote will still be built *just in case*. Fab thrifty finds - I think I'll have a good thrifty mooch next week when the kids are back at school! x

Tilly said...

Love your finds. Can you imagine the hours that went into that throw? I have a copy of the Geoff Hamilton book and am very envious of the other two you managed to pick up. You must have some great thrifting shops near you - I never find anything even half so good when I look in.
Great news about Colin - fingers crossed he looks after himself and hope he pops back to visit you.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hi Sara:

Just wondering if you got your package yet? I am getting a little worried since I posted what, at least two weeks ago? Let me know, I still have the receipt from the post office and I will see if they can check on it.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lisa xo
Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Kim McBirnie said...

What great books! We are currently number one on the waiting list for an allotment where we live and I've been looking out for books and info on kitchen gardens, I didn't think about trying charity shops - good thinking.
Well done with Colin - think of all that good karma you've built up, rather then him flying away!
Kim xx

gingerwine said...

Oh bless dear little colin..what a sweety!
Lovely granny blanket too...yummy!
(I'm rather into crochet!!)

Love Sam xx

Leah said...

Thrifting usually brightens my day, that's why I did it yesterday too! Love your finds!

lou said...

You have done some fab thrifting!
I am so glad Colin is ok, I can sleep tonight now! :0)
How is your kitchenaid mixer fund coming along????
Love Lou xxx