Thursday, 5 February 2009

Charity Shop and Giveaway Win - Yippee

Wednesday turned out to be lovely - we went to school to watch Miss T's class assembly - that will be her last one as she leaves primary school in July and then starts her Home Ed with her big brother.

Hubby dashed off into work as soon as we returned home and left Master T and myself trying to figure out "reciprocal numbers"...........

At lunch time we normally call it a day with the hard learning and decided to get the bus into our local village.

We have three charity shops in one small street, which is fabulous - but as you all know sometimes they're good and sometimes they're not. Yesterday was a GOOD day.

Master T was quick to spot Crocheting For Dummies - I did wonder whether to be offended or touched - his smirk said it all !!!

Also from that shop, I had a great handicrafts book, a lovely red and white tin and a double size vintage candy striped sheet. The next shop was not that good but Master T found a World War 2 book to read. Finally in the last shop I found this Moms Organiser - I had it on my Amazon Wishlist on the run up to Christmas but deleted it in the interests of my budget - 9.99 couldn't be justified when I could use a freebie out of one of my many magazines. I was thrilled to see it still in its cellophane with all the stickers - I'm going to have so much fun.

We returned home and on opening the door there was a lovely parcel waiting. I was so excited I don't think I even took my coat off before tearing open the packaging.

I didn't realise it was my giveaway prize - I thought it was one of my ebay purchases so I apologise for there not being a photo of its lovely pink wrapping paper.

It was my THIRD place prize giveaway from Silkie Sue - I can only imagine that FIRST prize must have been a cottage in the country.

Silkie Sue had been so generous - a lovely CK bag, two delicate handkerchiefs,a CK soap, a beautiful blue and white jug painting and it was wrapped with beautiful pink paper and blue gingham ribbon.
I was soooooo excited I think Master T thought I was having a fit of madness. I'm sorry that my photo of the painting is pants - I really must get on a photography course soon.

The painting has taken pride of place on my shelving in the kitchen - in homage to my blue and white collection (you may have to click on photo to see better and hubby took this one so maybe it is the camera that's pants !!!)

Thanks so much Silkie you made my day.

The shelves were 3 pounds from a local recycle centre 4 years ago and the handles 50p for two from Ikea at about the same time.

Will be back tomorrow after fetching fireplace as ebay bargains have started to arrive - luckily hubby taking it quite well at the moment - I think he's on his best behaviour because he wants some new fishing gear !! Better make the most of it might pop over to ebay now............


Josie-Mary said...

That crochet book looks good.. what a lucky find. Can't wait to see the fireplace :)

MelMel said...

What a lovely gift, I think home ed is so the way forward!
I'd love to know more about what you do!xxx

Kitty said...

Wow! You DID have a good day. I know what you mean ... some days nothing, another day positively loads of fantastic bargains.

Well done. x

Shabby Chick said...

That painting is gorgeous! Silkie Sue's mummy is one talented lady. It looks lovely on your shelves.

The books were great finds too :)

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

What bargains!! You certainly had a great day! I think The crochet book will be great! I like the sound of the fireplace too, can't wait to see that!
The Silky Sue parcel was gorgeous, it must be lovely to get something like that through the post!
Love that pine dresser top! I think the blue & white china looks lovely with pine. So fresh & cottagey! : )

Happy Ebaying ; )

Sharon xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Great book finds! And what a lovely giveaway - lucky you!

Cowboys and Custard said...

It must be your lucky week.. pop over to Cowboys & Custard for another little prize..
I think I could do with a version of 'Life for Dummies'.. as even the smallest tasks are challenging these days..
Beautiful painting by Silkie Sue..

Michele xx

Pixiedust said...

What a good day! Charity shops are like that here too, some days great others sh**. What pretty giveaway bits too, loveing your shelves. xxx

The sewing room said...

What great things you find ,would,nt mind that book myself cant wait to see the fireplace.
Best wishes Pat

thriftymrs said...

Love that painting and the crochet book looks terrific. I use that series for a lot of things (to my shame) and it's been really very helpful.

Lavender hearts said...

Wow, isn't Silkie Sue sweet! I LOVE those shelves, they are stunning! I can't believe you got them for £3 you lucky lady! :-)

I think when (and if) I have kids I'd like to home educate them. It would be a good way of putting to good of my years of studying. I'd love to know how it goes. :-)

MaryPoppins said...

What gorgeous pretties from Silkie Sue, and what fantastic charity buys

Thank you so much for thinking of us, means so much

I too am very interested in the Home Education, would i need to be a qualified teacher if i wanted to pursue it with my children

Take Care


funkymonkey said...

Gorgeous giveay and I love your shelves too.

Wild Rose said...

Oh that calendar looks such fun! How wonderful to find one at a bargain price.

Enjoy your weekend and have fun surfing on eBay!

Marie x

Tilly said...

I think 'Crochet for Dummies' will have to go on my wishlist1

Can't wait to see the fireplace. My first house was a victorian terrace and still had all but one of it's original fireplaces. I loved them and really miss all that character now I live in a more modern house.

Hubby is working overtime today. When he told me I jokingly said the money would be handy as I'd had a spending spree on ebay. I'd only bought a couple of paperbacks but his face was a picture!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely things and lucky finds!!! i nearly bought the crochet for dummies book in hobbycraft the other day but resisted even though i really need it as not progressed the same flower over and over yet LOL
cant wait to see your ebay goodies :-)
Lesley x