Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bowls for ?????

I can't believe its been over a week since my last blog entry. I think with the children being off last week the time flew by.

We didn't really do much apart from Friday when we had a trip to Yorkshire including Haworth (because I love the Brontes).

This week so far has been catching up with jobs and watching and today is the first day that I've been out.

It was a quick trip into the local village where I found these lovely bowls in Help The Aged. I paid 3 pounds for the 6 but I dont really know what to use them for.
They are metal but it doesn't look like stainless so I'm not sure about putting anything edible in them but I couldn't leave them behind because of the beautiful colours. I think they remind me of narrowboat decoration.

So, any suggestions of what to use them for will be gratefully received.

I'm off to Trentham Gardens with my friend tomorrow for a girlie day. There are lovely little shops in chalets and the Garden centre has a fabulous section for the home and a brilliant restaurant.

Saturday Miss T has asked if I will take her and her best friend shopping on the bus and Master T has his first indoor cricket match of the season on Saturday night. Its against the team who knocked them out of the tournament last year so fingers crossed.

Will try and post on Sunday - it should be quieter - that is apart from cooking the dinner, washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering etc etc etc

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Thrifting Bargains And Leaving Home

I have had these a few days since I last went thrifting in the village. I had taken my CK blue Ottoman rose Tesco shopper and was amazed to find this lovely crochet throw in exactly the same colours.

I have a new mission now when thrifting - I can only buy colour co-ordinating articles !! (yeah right)

I picked up these books as well and I had still only spent 4 pounds.

I'm hoping to get chance to pop in again tomorrow as Wednesday is bric a brac market and last week there was a lovely blue and white jug that I have kicked myself all week about not buying.

For some reason I feel a bit flat today and a bit of a mooch might be all thats needed to lighten the spirits.

I sometimes get "the flats" for no obvious reason - maybe its my age.

We had a big event yesterday - if you know about Colin - our baby dove that Master T rescued, you will remember that he seemed to picking up his strength daily and had started to practice flying.

Over the weekend his practice flying became - nesting on my dresser then dive bombing at my head whilst I try to work on the computer !! My husband made him a mini aviary by putting a cover over the top of the kids trampoline and enclosure - so he could practice his flying and get used to outdoors. We did this for a couple of hours each day - bringing him back inside for his meals and safety at night.
Yesterday we did the same and Colin took the opportunity to fly off to pastures new. I hope this means he is well and strong and that we did a good job. I've worried since that hes remembering to eat and staying safe - I suppose this is what it will be like when the kids leave home.
Hubby says he will still build the dovecote in case Colin wants to return for a holiday.

Thanks again for all your good wishes for Colin - I'm sure all the positive thoughts helped him to recover.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

I've managed to find time to get to the computer as Hubby has taken Master T to his cricket training.

He bought me this beautiful Victorian Pin / Trinket Tin - its so lovely.

Thats Cupid in the middle and the one cherub is passing a ring to the other. Around the sides are alternate dragonflies and roses.

Dragonflies, or damselflies, were connected to Freya the Norse goddess of love, fertility and warfare.
The paired bodies of mating dragonflies form the shape of a heart, perhaps being the source for that modern symbol of love.

It still has the old fabric in the lid of the box. I have wondered if it is a betrothal box and would have held a ring?

If anyone knows anything about these I would love to be enlightened.

I'm going to curl up in front of the telly now and eat my lovely chocolates that I had in my Valentines swop.

Colin is still doing ok - well really well - he is practising his flying quite a lot and is getting bigger hourly !!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Help please !! Ebay Bargains and \Baby Dove Update

I am starting with a plea to all my bloggy friends and viewers. Does anyone know of one of these tins or where I could get one? My mom and nan used to have one with their pins in when I was little and I am desperate to have one for in my sewing box.
I know it may seem a bit strange but I love things that remind me of people and cant believe that they threw theirs away. If anyone does have one I am willing to send my Cath Kidston pin tin as a swap. I am not too bothered about it being perfect - just not badly damaged. Here's hoping someone can help.....

Here is another couple of my eBay purchases. There is more but I cant find what file I put the photos in so will have to take them again.

I love this little workbox tin - anemones are some of favourite flowers and I have a bit of a tin habit so I just couldn't let it go to someone Else's house - could I ?

I love that it still had some of the old sewing items in it - I always like to imagine who used it and what for ? What did they make?

I know there is not a lot inside but it still feeds my heart to look through and fell that I have saved them.

I also bought another old box with sewing things in - the box was awful and on its last legs but the sewing stuff in it looked great.

Unfortunately when the seller sent it he had
taken a lot out despite advertising it with contents and showing numerous photos - so I was not a happy bunny - he is the worst seller I have come across in five years and it doesn't look like I am going to get him to send the missing items.

I also bought these old silks , still in their boxes. I don't know if I will ever be able to use them - I just like looking at them.

COLIN UPDATE: Colin is still doing well - we have started his supplement for his rubbery beak and it seems much better. He is starting to show an interest in pecking at some seeds - so hopefully we will be able to wean him soon and he is practising little flights regularly. Thanks so much for all your good wishes and kind thoughts for Colin - I am convinced that the energy created has helped him recover so far.

I remember reading about an experiment where heart patients were prayed for and their recovery was much quicker that those that weren't so maybe the blog has helped my little baby dove.

Can you pray for my husband to like ironing ????

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Prezzies, swaps and Baby Dove

I am having a really great week - yes I've got bills to pay, washing to do, beds to change etc etc but I am being distracted from the horrible by the loveliness of Blogland

My Valentine swap has arrived from the lovely Joanne at Little Patch Of Heaven. I was a little concerned when I first was given my swap partner by the wonderful Mrs Thrifty as Joanne used to be called Tatty Mum.

I did wonder what I would be getting through the post !! But she couldn't be called anything better now as this parcel really was my "Little Patch Of

I have taken photos of all my items but cant work out how to get more than 5 on !!

I had these amazing bag with a beautiful heart - it is so wonderfully made - all fully lined.

The heart hanger is gorgeous and the little heart pegs made me jump up and down like I'd had too much coca cola.

This great wall hanging - I've just got to decide
where it will be shown off to its best advantage.

There were another two packets as well. A gorgeous tissue holder and heart keyring and some lovely chocolate hearts (which I've hidden) and some love heart sweeties.

Joanne if you're reading this - thank you so much from the bottom of my heart - this really is the best Valentines ever.

I also found out last week that I had won Michelle
from Cowboys and Custard giveaway for the funniest story.

I wont bore you with the details but you can go to Michelle's blog and read it in her comments - basically it was about my very first roast dinner that I cooked as a newly wed.

I could probably win a funny story competition for most of my cooking efforts !

Michelle has sent me some beautiful things - if only I had known 18 years ago as I sat sobbing on the kitchen step that what had just happened
would mean that I would receive a lovely present in the future perhaps I wouldn't have been so disheartened.

The toadstool pins are great and are now pushed into my computer desk wall (will have to show you some time) - the mirror (with the strawberry print) is in my handbag, the heart keyring attached to my keys, the love tag hanging by my computer and the ribbon squirreled away for the future. I have yet to decide on the lucky recipient of the card.
Thank - you Michelle so much.

I will try and get round to my eBay bargains tomorrow - I think they have all nearly arrived now.

For all of you who have sent Colin your best wishes - if you don't know about Colin our baby dove - I blogged about him here

He is doing really well - he is hopping about the dining room and starting to try and lift himself into the air.

He is feeding really well - still through the syringe but we are trying to get him to take some seed.

His beak is very rubbery and we have learnt that this can be calcium deficiency - apparently common in winter babies so he is now having added calcium.

My main concern now is that he will struggle when released but I was reading a blog yesterday about someone who had hand reared a dove - last year he nested in their arbour and has had a family of his own - I really hope that this happens for Colin.

Hubby is going to build him a dovecote so if anyone has experience of this or knows of any plans we would be really grateful.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tea Towels, Sewing Box and Crochet

Just wanted to show you my new tea towels from our local discount shop. They were only 1.99 for three and I thought they looked a little CK ish.

Two of them are towelling but the trellis one is a lovely heavy weave - I suppose its a glass towel.

I'm just not sure if I can bring myself to use them as they are so lovely.

The crochet leaflets and books are some of my ebay purchases - I think it
was 99p for all the leaflets and 79p for the book. I've had a good look through but I think they are a little out of my league at the moment.

I must still plod on with my granny squares - I can do them now whilst watching tv with only the odd mistake. Did I say "watching tv" - I think I meant listening to the tv !!!

This sewing box was on my Christmas list from Boots - it is from the range that Country Living do for them but I decided to get my Cath Kidston one instead.

I saw this on ebay but the picture and description wasn't very good so I ended up only paying 4.50 - Miss T is having it as her sewing box and we are going to make some things together.

I love the little kit that comes inside it.

For those of you who read my blog yesterday about Colin our baby Collared Dove - he made it through the night and seems much stronger today.

He is feeding well and has come out of his box and his hopping round the dining room floor.

He doesn't have his tail feathers yet so cant fly - they look like sticks with a small feather stuck on the end - so I guess we will be looking after him a while longer.
We did prepare the kids for the worst last night as they often die within 24 hours and we didn't want it to come as a shock to them.

I know lots of people believe you should not take them in but I would rather him have a peaceful warm safe death than be mauled by a cat.

At the moment its looking like we might have a happy ending so fingers crossed.

Be back tomorrow with some more ebay bargains - I did go a bit mad !!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cast Iron Fireplace and A New Addition

We battled through some snow storms yesterday to go and pick up our "ebay" fireplace. I did wonder at one point if we should abandon the idea as the weather seemed to be getting worse.

We carried on as we were not too far away and put our new bedroom fireplace in the car to take home - I think the fireplace would be quite pleased as it was living in a cold shed !!

I'm really pleased with it and it already looks at home propped up against the bedroom wall. It will need some flatting and painting - but I'm already planning the garland for Christmas to make the bedroom look festive.

I think we are more or less ready to start the bedroom renovation now - it is the last room to do and still has the "old ladys" carpet and curtains.

Hubby has some adjustments to the wall and chimney breast to make - we have an original built in cupboard in there but it is so narrow that its not really that practical, so by bringing the wall out we will be able to use it as a wardrobe - saving on space and money as we have yet to buy one. At our old house we had built in and have been using the one that was left in the house when we moved in.

Now meet the new addition to the family - Colin the Collared Dove !
Master T and his friend were playing out this morning when they found Colin sheltering under a bush - he is a juvenile as his tail feathers havent grown in and he was not moving and very shocked.

They bought him home and we have warmed him up with his very own marathon style foil blanket, in a box of paper shreddings sat just underneath the radiator.
We have been feeding him mushed bread and egg through a syringe every couple of hours and he will now stand on our fingers and spread his wings. He really smacked his mouth (or is that beak) at his last meal and seems to be coming back to life hourly.

I'm not really sure where this will leave us or Colin so if anyone has any experience about how to help him - it would be gratefully received.

I did search the internet where someone had asked how to help a baby pigeon but the reply was - Start making the pastry !!!!

So at the last count we now have 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 kids, 6 chickens and a baby dove. The kids are always bringing back waifs and strays - last year we had a bird, a mouse and even a dog.

Will post about ebay bargains tomorrow between Colins feeds !!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Charity Shop and Giveaway Win - Yippee

Wednesday turned out to be lovely - we went to school to watch Miss T's class assembly - that will be her last one as she leaves primary school in July and then starts her Home Ed with her big brother.

Hubby dashed off into work as soon as we returned home and left Master T and myself trying to figure out "reciprocal numbers"...........

At lunch time we normally call it a day with the hard learning and decided to get the bus into our local village.

We have three charity shops in one small street, which is fabulous - but as you all know sometimes they're good and sometimes they're not. Yesterday was a GOOD day.

Master T was quick to spot Crocheting For Dummies - I did wonder whether to be offended or touched - his smirk said it all !!!

Also from that shop, I had a great handicrafts book, a lovely red and white tin and a double size vintage candy striped sheet. The next shop was not that good but Master T found a World War 2 book to read. Finally in the last shop I found this Moms Organiser - I had it on my Amazon Wishlist on the run up to Christmas but deleted it in the interests of my budget - 9.99 couldn't be justified when I could use a freebie out of one of my many magazines. I was thrilled to see it still in its cellophane with all the stickers - I'm going to have so much fun.

We returned home and on opening the door there was a lovely parcel waiting. I was so excited I don't think I even took my coat off before tearing open the packaging.

I didn't realise it was my giveaway prize - I thought it was one of my ebay purchases so I apologise for there not being a photo of its lovely pink wrapping paper.

It was my THIRD place prize giveaway from Silkie Sue - I can only imagine that FIRST prize must have been a cottage in the country.

Silkie Sue had been so generous - a lovely CK bag, two delicate handkerchiefs,a CK soap, a beautiful blue and white jug painting and it was wrapped with beautiful pink paper and blue gingham ribbon.
I was soooooo excited I think Master T thought I was having a fit of madness. I'm sorry that my photo of the painting is pants - I really must get on a photography course soon.

The painting has taken pride of place on my shelving in the kitchen - in homage to my blue and white collection (you may have to click on photo to see better and hubby took this one so maybe it is the camera that's pants !!!)

Thanks so much Silkie you made my day.

The shelves were 3 pounds from a local recycle centre 4 years ago and the handles 50p for two from Ikea at about the same time.

Will be back tomorrow after fetching fireplace as ebay bargains have started to arrive - luckily hubby taking it quite well at the moment - I think he's on his best behaviour because he wants some new fishing gear !! Better make the most of it might pop over to ebay now............

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Crochet - First Granny Squares

I started to learn to crochet just after Christmas and started a blanket - just stripe after stripe , after a few weeks I realised I was putting off carrying on with it as it had become monotonous.

After looking at other blogs I decided to try Granny Squares - It has taken me two weeks of trying and failing and trying and failing - I was just about to throw the whole lot through the window when it started to come together.

Here are my new squares and one part started for "The Blanket - Part Deux".

I hope they join together ok as they look a bit wobbly but thats a challenge for the future - I really look forward to my crochet now each night as I watch TV.

Anyway must go - I have to list some of our old things on ebay as I have blown the budget a bit this week !!!

We've bought an old cast iron fireplace for our bedroom and have to fetch that on Friday - I've bought some crochet patterns, workbox tin, old sewing box filled with sewing stuff and a new sewing box - none of which has been delivered yet.

I'm hoping they come tomorrow when Hubby is at work !!!

Will show you them when they arrive - but of course "I've had them for ages !!!"

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lovely Laura Ashley Bargains

As promised yesterday - here are my Laura Ashley bargains.

We popped out on Friday into a nearby town, mainly to look in TK Maxx but they have a Laura Ashley right by it so of course I couldnt pass by.

I wandered round looking for bargains as with my budget LA normal prices are out of the question.

At the back of the store was a blue plastic bin so of course I had to have a look.

It was full of lots of pieces of fabric that had been detached from one of their sample books, with a sign on the box saying 50p each !!

I ransacked the box for all the best ones - I think I only left three behind.

My camera does not really show up the colours that great but I have loads of really nice pieces.

They are all about a metre by 60cm.

Lovely polka dots, ginghams, florals, checks......

Even some oilcloth !!!

I just have to decide what to do with it now - I only spent nine pounds so I dont think thats bad at all - though the budget is not going too well - have bought antique fireplace for bedroom renovation and workbox tin so far this week.