Saturday, 13 November 2010

Christmas Craft Book

Here is my new Christmas crafting book (one of them ssshhhhh).

I love foreign crafting books - I'm not bothered if I can't understand them as long as the pictures are inspirational.

If there is part of the project that I need to understand I just type it into Google translate.

This one is German. I use Amazon Germany and look in there craft section - once you have managed to find one craft book - it recommends others underneath (fatal !!!!)

I love this image - I just need to get hubby to build me a porch.

This wreath with its buttons on is amazing - it looks really easy to attempt so I may have a go.

This table setting is beautiful especially with my current toadstool addiction - I love red and white polka dots and normally use a red colour scheme at Christmas, so i may have a go.
There are loads more wonderful projects in it and if I don't make anything from it (which is more than likely with my 300 current projects on the go) I shall enjoy looking through it and feeling Christmassy.

On the home front - the boiler has just been fixed (yeah), we just paid the plumber (boo), the dishwasher that we thought had packed up this morning now seems to be ok (fingers crossed) and tonight I've got Chilli, crochet, Strictly, X factor and Take That to look forward to so all is good. XXX

Have a great Saturday night everyone

Thought I'd mention that if you did want to buy this book you can go onto Amazon UK and put the title in the search box and it then finds it for you- you can then order and still get super saver free delivery !!! I just go onto Amazon Germany to look through the German books to see which one I might like to order but if you order through that site you pay delivery.


Serenata said...

That looks like a lovely inspirational book and I am looking forward to seeing what you make from it!

Glad your boiler etc...are now working. We are still waiting for our new washing machine, so you can imagine what my washing pile looks like!

bellaboo said...

LOVE that table setting with the red spots and gingham! What wonderful books.I just love drooling over the pictures,even if I never make anything! :0)

Carina said...

Oh that book looks lovely! It never occurred to me to look for German craft books!

I (kinda) understand German so now I'm very tempted to go looking for some books. Yikes! :-)

Country Girl said...

Looks like a lovely book.
Going to have a nosey around your blog which I have just discovered!

Anonymous said...

That looks gorgeous - and I speak enough German to get me through, so I'm off to Amazon! How weird, our heating packed up a couple of weeks ago (thank God a friend of ours is a plumber, it cost me some beer). Now our dishwasher is dead too! Husband is looking at it today - keep your fingers crossed....

Sheila said...

Oh my goodness...i never thought of looking all over the world for inspiration! Very smart idea.
Saturday nights are great at the moment!!Though i did cry at the John Lewis Christmas advert!!

Greedy Nan said...

I like looking at the pictures almost as much as I like making the projects but do have trouble in translating so this might be an idea although I have a couple of Japanese books - what would you suggest here?
PS Glad you're back.

Tilly said...

Can't wait to see what you make. It's the time of year for boiler problems - we've recently had ours fixed after a week of no heating or hot water.

Rosabears said...

That looks like a great book. Do I need it ??? No !!! Do I want it ??? Yes !!! I also do love foreign craft books, so I now what you mean.
Have a great week.
greetings Marja

Floss said...

Such lovely photos - I have had a lot of fun with a Christmas book I found in a charity shop this year, but I'm not sure how much will actually get done...

AND you have won the Advent Calendar in my giveaway! Congratulations, and do email me with your address.

Vintage Tea Time said...

That looks a great book - I think the Germans - and Europeans generally - 'do' Christmas better than we do here. I often take books like that to bed to look at (she said, slightly embarrassed!!)Glad your boiler's fixed, chilly today.

Young at Heart said...

am loving the button wreath..... inspired!!

Wild Rose said...

What a delightful book. I'd love to add it to my collection, but my bookshelves were groaning under the weight of craft books.

We are moving next month and managed to fill 20 boxes of books so far....lots more to go!

Marie x

Heidi said...

That book looks so amazing....I love the blues and reds put together the way they did and the polka dots! Your blog is lovely.

Amanda said...

Hello! You've just won my Give Away! Would you like to email me with your address and some ideas about what you'd like on your Hoop. If you look on my sidebar you can see some that I've done already. Look forward to hearing from you. Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Ohhh, lovely photos and v inspiring! Look forward to seeing what you make!

♥ Carine Calé ♥ said...

I loved the 1st pic : )

Thank you!!!!!!


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