Thursday, 18 November 2010

French Christmas Crafting

We are all very grotty in this house (apart from hubby) - bad throats, heavy colds. Yesterday Miss T was on one sofa under blankets, Master T on the other sofa all snuggled up, didnt leave much room for me unfortunately.

Late afternoon the children went back up to their bedrooms so I managed to nab a place on the sofa and though I was feeling really sorry for myself I did manage to carry on with my crochet blanket.

I've finished all the squares now I just have to join them sll together - (I much prefer just making the squares)

As I havent got a "reveal" for you yet I thought I'd share another of my foreign crafting books.

This one is called "Noel Au Coin Du Feu" and is french. I do understand much more french than german so love buying french books.

The designs are a bit vintage in style and I love red and white colour schemes.

I know that this sack is designed for games but I think I would turn it into a Christmas Sack.

I love these little drawers - the structure is made up from cardboard and all the instructions are included - another project to add to the list.

This Noel sign is so simple but looks so beautiful - I was thinking to get it done quicker you could just do the letters and put them onto some coordinating fabric.

Well sorry its not a longer post but I dont want you to catch the dreaded lurgy . I'm hoping we will all feel much better tomorrow - I've got so much I want to get done.

There is some good news - I've won 2 giveaways this week and I really dont enter many at all !! Cant wait to share with you when they arrive. The dishwasher (touch wood) has started working again - the boiler that I told you was fixed on Saturdays post - started spurting water out just as I had finished telling you all that it was fixed, but the plumber came back out at 9am on Sunday and finally sorted it and the bedroom renovation project is still moving forward - my built in wardrobe is all constructed just ready for painting.

I'm still not sure it will be fully finished for Christmas but at least its getting there.


bellaboo said...

So sorry to hear you've got the lurgy.Nothing like a bit of Xmas crafting inspiration to cheer you up though.Love those little drawers!
Keep warm and get well soon! :0)

Vintage Tea Time said...

Oooh, another lovely book. Those first two p;ictures are gorgeous! The heart on the book cover looks lovely! Hope you feel better soon. And thanks for your comments re my candle things!

Anonymous said...

Well done winning the giveaways - that's karma for you sending me such lovely goodies! Do try to take care of yourself, you will shake off the lurgy so much more quickly. My dishwasher is working too - yippee. It was fine thank goodness (over £500 to replace like for like). Husband's electrician friend came round last night and it was the wiring going to the plug which was dodgy. Fixed and working for no charge. Thank heavens for all his handy friends!

Sarah said...

Nothing like some good inspirational books to cheer yourself up! Get better soon.

Diane said...

That book looks gorgeous - the French have such style.

Jacquie said...

Hi , thank you for your comment on my blanket . Just popped over to see your squares, they are so lovely :0)
Jacquie x

Tabiboo said...

I do hope you all feel better soon - there is nothing more rotten then feeling poorly especially at this time of the year.

take care,

Nina xxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

I hope you feel a bit better today. The French crafts are gorgeous, and yes wouldn't that make a great Christmas sack?
Looking forward to see what you decide to make :-)
D x

Heidi said...

I hope you feel better and congrats to winning the giveaway at Amanda's....Love the Noel Photo!

take care Momma!

Donna said...

Oh, what pretty projects! So sorry to hear that everyone has been under the weather. I'm glad you were able to relax and do your squares on the sofa. Thanks for stopping by and visiting!... Donna

Maaike said...

Lovely Christmas-sphere, wonderful blog! Love your pictures and creations, very beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!
Love, Maaike

Anonymous said...

we all have colds/sore throats etc too, i hate it. What lovely books and some great ideas too. I usually go for Amazon US but maybe I will try some other countries too!