Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Skip Diving

I was reading the lovely Mels blog today and she was asking who had been skip diving ? The well known past time of rescuing someone elses rubbish and reusing.

We have so many things that others had thrown away - I do dread when hubby goes to the local tip because he has been known to come back with more than he took!!

One of our best bargains was from the scrap man - he was trundling down our crescent blowing his trumpet when Mr T looked out the window , turned to me and said "Quick !!! he has a great bed on there .

To cut a long story short we tracked him down a few streets away and after parting with £5 left with our new double bed - currently in Miss T's bedroom.

Please excuse the photo - not taken from a great angle as our bedrooms are not massive - I stood on the window seat with my bottom pressed up against the window to try and get far enough away to get the whole bed in the shot ! (luckily the bedroom faces onto the back garden ).

If you look carefully you can see one of the little end pieces missing off the frame - I havent quite worked out what to do about it yet.

I would love to hear of any bargains that you've had - Hubby did once bring me a teddy back that he had found on a car park - it was dirty , had a torn tummy and its head was half hanging off (by the way I think its important that I mention it was Valentines Day and he said this could be my present) - so hes not always brilliant at spotting stuff.............................

I wont repeat what I said to him as the children read my blog sometimes



Serenata said...

Lovely bed! I saw one on a scrap metal collecting truck the other way I could convince my hubby to ask about it though! Sigh...

As for the poor teddy well!

bellaboo said...

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a lovely comment.So glad you did, as now I've found your lovely blog!
WOW! That bed is gorgeous..why would anyone want to give that to the scrap man? :o)

delia hornbook said...

wow great bed what a find ;-) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Bless him i can imagin the words you used ;-)) You have a lovely blog and i will enjoy dropping by. Take care Dee x

MelMel said...

Hi there!
The bed is so pretty!
What a very very lucky spot!


summerfete said...

Wow that is a lovely bed.
How about some crochet baubles stuck on the end of the tube??


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! My dog is the same with my crochet if I'm not careful - not long ago she killed my crochet blanket I was working on whilst on the school run! Naughty doggie! :)

Tabiboo said...

Gosh that is a bargain, beautiful and fate - for sure.

Have a fabulous weekend and 'hello' from me too.

Nina xxx

dutch sisters said...

What a wonderful find!! I love the bed,
never found anything big like that!
Thanks for stopping by, i love your blog!

charl said...

what an amazing bed.. for a fiver aswell .. fantastic bargain !!!