Saturday, 20 November 2010

Woop Woop

Just checked in and noticed I have 100 followers - I'm so excited - I can't believe my musings are of interest at all so to reward all of you martyrs who read it I am off to sort out a wicked giveaway. I shall be back to post details and piccys tomorrow so pop round at some point.

Thanks peeps



Heidi said...

Congratulations.....You are such a sweetie!

bellaboo said...

You have a lovely blog,so it's no surprise you have reached 100.
Looking forward to your giveaway! :0)

Taz said...

Well I'm not surprised you have so many followers ;)

Amanda said...

Well done! You have such a lovely blog...I'm not surprised people love to visit it! I'm starting your hoop this week. I'm feeling quite excited about it as I love doing that design. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

poppet said...

I think I may be 104! That is such a massive amount of followers, I'm completely in awe :)
c x