Friday, 5 November 2010

Winner - Forties Giveaway

November 5th already and the day to draw my giveaway. I stopped blogging for a year and seem to have lost a lot of my followers and lovely people that I used to share my comings and goings with.

Hopefully I will start to get my "friends" back soon and so decided to do a giveaway for you lovely people who are still around.

Miss T and I placed all the names into a little bowl .

With eyes closed she dipped in.

And pulled out a winner - Well Done Crafty Helen !!! I will parcel up the book and a few other bits and pieces and get them in the post for Monday. If you can get in touch please as I'm not sure how to get your details.

I will be sorting out another giveaway for Monday - so pop back - I really do need to create some space and I know lots of you love the same things as me so I cant think of better people to pass them on to.

Not sure what we are up tonight - think Miss and Master are off out with friends to bonfires, so looks like I'll be comforting the cats and dog whilst watching Emmerdale !! Might have a jacket potato - just so I feel like I'm joining in .



Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Lucky me, thanks so much. You have made my day!xx

bellaboo said...

Well done to Helen!
Enjoy your night in with your furries and the TV.Emmerdale is my favourite soap...what a naughty boy that Karl is eh! :o)

Sarah said...

Emmerdale's great! Have a lovely weekend.

Serenata said...

Congratulations Helen!

Your evening sounds like it will be similar to ours. So hoping the fireworks won't be too bad.

Lavender hearts said...

Thanks so much for entering. You have ticket number 1. :-)

Wild Rose said...

Congratulations to Crafty Helen.

Amanda said...

Hello! It was lovely to see yo over at mine! Don't worry about your comes and goes doesn't it? I think I'm fairly productive at the moment because of getting ready for the salon. Once I open you probably won't see me for 6 months! I don't know about you but I do guilt at the drop of a hat...even when it comes to my beloved crafting. If I don't get much done, I actually feel guilty!!! Mad isn't it? I love your blog. It's great to have you back! Lots of love, chick, Amanda xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Congratulations to Helen!

Bobo Bun said...

Hope your dogs not been as munchy of late.

Looked a great giveaway.


Rubyred said...

Well Done Helen!
I'm a bit of an Emmerdale addict at the mo!Just been catching up on your posts,the bed was such a bargain, it's gorgeous!
Lovely to hear you are happy in your 40's! So am I, atlthough the years are going at a faster pace than I would like!
Have a great week and good luck with decorating the bedroom!
Rachel x